Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Not a very good day.

Started off on a bad note. Got up late and saw that I had barely enough time to get ready for the class at 8. I don't like it when I have to hurry things up. For me, things have to go in a systematic way. I am the kind of person who makes a to-do list for each and every thing and one who starts packing one week before the vacation.

Went for the class and found to my dismay that all the good seats were already taken. Had to be content with the corner seat. Since it was my favourite subject, Quant, I was looking forward to it, though I had an idea that the prof was someone who ought to be given a miss if possible. But some things are not in our control. I don't know whether it was a lullaby he sang, but the minute he opened his mouth, my eyes closed. I didn't want to sleep. I didn't leave my job where I had much more fun just to sit in a class and sleep. I tried telling my eyes to open. They wouldn't listen to me! Tried shaking my head so that the sudden disturbance would wake up my eyes. It worked........but only for 5 seconds. My eyes were shut again. It was like the mind and body were wide awake, but the eyes were on strike!

Somehow managed not to get caught. Now what do I do about this tomorrow? Am thinking of taking coffee Garfield-style just before class. Or maybe a nice long walk in the winding roads would wake me up. Waiting for tomorrow :)

The pedagogy out here is one thing I need to talk about. It's like nothing I have seen before. Almost all the profs made it clear to us that for them, the students are customers who need to be satisfied. That entire thought sums it up. I could feel the difference in their way of teaching. They are genuinely interested and most of the students are interested too. The QA session that follows after/during each lecture is a testimony for that.

There was a lecture taken by a reputed prof which was scheduled for 3 hours straight. When I saw the schedule I wasn't very sure whether I would be able to endure it. If I am right, I had read somewhere that the maximum time human mind can concentrate on a topic without wandering off is 45 minutes. If that is true, a lecture of 3 hours was doomed to be another sleeping session. But I was amazed when the lecture got over. It was so interesting that I didn't feel the time passing by. Nor did I sleep! Kudos to Dr. Saji Gopinath.

More on my bad day. There are some of those days when almost everything goes wrong even if you try your best to cajole lady luck. It was one of those days for me. Forgetting to switch off the iron, sleeping in class, horrible breakfast, people misunderstanding me, getting stuck with my foot in the mouth and ending up saying 'Uh, oh', finding out the though getting the education loan was easy paying it off wasn't, people misunderstading me again, overeating during dinner and getting my tummy upset.

I am waiting for this day to be over. And have 3 subjects to read on before the 8am class tomorrow.

Will sleep today with these lines in my mind
The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind,
If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?


Anonymous said...

"But....I was amazed when the lecture got over and it was so interesting that I dint feel the time passing by. Kudos to Dr. Saji Gopinath." - i guess it is testimony 2 my addiction 2 sleep that i've slept once even in his class!!! but u r right - he is a fab teacher - one of the best i've ever had.


btw - think that The_girl_with_big_eyes would have had enough of this intruder and will probably boot me out 2mrw. So in case u don't c me in here again, u'd know whom 2 thank ;-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

hey! you are welcome to post! since i believe in freedom of speech, come whatever may, you will be most welcome here :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no.. Gimme a break :-( Neway that wasn't me or so i'd like to believe.
Nice man, that PB Shelley :-)

viju02ap said...

when you get up say with a challenge "It's good morning".You will feel the difference.

Cris Monay said...

I came across your page because it had my favorite word pedagogy in there.

Nice post.

Check out my site

love cris monay

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Agree Anon. Too bad he got the call a little early.

Thanks! It really does work! Especially on the weekends when I know that I don't have to go to work. Same way I used to get up early morning on Sundays to watch the cartoon but crib getting up early for school! :)

Tx! Good effort on the site.