Monday, July 12, 2004

Beaches………………heavenly gifts?!!!!

It seems saying ‘I can, I must, I will’ everyday just after one gets up has a great impact on the person’s overall outlook to life and what he finally achieves. I was happy I finally knew the secret to success in life. Just 6 words and I’ll have everything I wished for in life :) Not a bad bargain. I resolved to make this a habit and see the results. But the biggest problem is when I get up everyday usually my first words are “Oh shucks!!! It's already time to get up” or “Did I really sleep or was it just a wink with both my eyes?!” Till date I have never been able to say the mantra right after getting up!!! Well, it's true that there’s no substitute for hard work and that there are no shortcuts in life.

All class and no play was making me a dull girl. It was time for some action. But when and where were the questions. After a little discussion with the gang we decided to go to the Kappad beach, which was hardly 25 kms from the campus. Though I have been there once before, could not enjoy it properly as it was raining. This time I was all set for action.


Waterproof bag? …………check!


Mood for fun?........................CHECK!!!!

We were all set. The journey to the beach was not very eventful. Maybe because we had stayed up late the last night doing almost nothing and were very tired. (That’s one thing that amazes me….I stay up till 3-4am every night, but I manage to do almost nothing and am back to square one the next day! )

Kappad beach has a historic significance; it is the beach where Vasco Da Gama’s ship anchored in the shores of India decades back. Was the beach more beautiful then? I was amazed by the beach at the moment we reached there..…….the energy and size of the waves….it almost knocked off one of my friends who is ……….ahem….quite well built. And for a change, this beach in India is clean! Yes CLEAN! I could dig down into the sand and make a sand castle and not worry about getting my hands dirty with something that does not rightly belong there. Most other beaches in India are not this well-kept. Pondichery is an exception though……but only during the tourist season.

Since I haven’t been to many beaches during my 24 years on this planet going to a beach is quite an exciting event for me. Something like seeing a camel (outside a zoo!) in South India or for any North Indian, seeing an elephant while it's doing its Gajagamini style sexy walk!!! So you can imagine my excitement.

Once at the beach, we played in the water for awhile…….. let the waves caress our feet…..let the tiny crabs nibble on our toes……….and let the big waves give us a good shower so that there was not a single part of our body which did not have sand on it. Well…what’s the point going to the beach if you don’t have sand on your body!! It would be like a sunrise behind the clouds!

Tired after all this…we sat on the rocks which was covered with molluscs and the molluscs were instantly inspected by my dear zoology-graduated friend. He turned a murderer in this process too….but then I don’t know how many I may have killed by sitting on the rocks :(

Sat there and had the amazing experience all over again. First the confusion in the mind……then the questions that come up…..then the blankness………….and then the peace. I went through it all while my friends were busy trying to break whatever trance I was in. Going to the beach has a real therapeutic effect on me. I completely transform when I am there…maybe it’s the vastness of the ocean that humbles me…..maybe it’s the proximity of mother nature where we all belong and finally will go back to …….or maybe its just all in my mind. I can have the same experience sitting inside a room. But am not yogi enough to do that…..and I’ll stick to the beach :)

Here's one great pic of the beach.

Click here to see more Kappad beach photos.

Today is a special day for me. Some people may not think that its very special. But to me it is. My darling brother called me up today on his own for the first time. He was angry that though I had a gmail account, he doesn’t have one yet. Well I didn't want blood relations to break over a mail account :) So I gave in and gifted him one. But then it was nice talking to you. H, if you are reading this, do call me again.

When I landed at K, I never imagined that something as trivial as a LAN cable would upset me for days to come. I dint think of carrying one in my luggage. But then if there was a scarcity for something at K, it was LAN cables. If you see a group of people discussing something I’d bet for whatever I have in my pocket right now that ‘miseries of not having a LAN cable yet’ would be one of the topics. It's true…it was very frustrating to have a laptop/a desktop and a connection socket right in the hostel room but no cable to connect the two. And on top of that, LAN cables were being sold in black!!!! At double and triple their original prices! Used to the luxury of 24/7 internet and mail on fingertips this was an experience indeed! The day that I got the cable and got connected was such a peaceful and busy day.

As part of our Communications class we were supposed to submit a one page write up about any topic under the sun. What do I write about? I was never really good at writing structured stuff. Yeah I can write equations and C programs……but one page to be written on something? What do I write about? Life at K? A tearful ode to Bangalore? The passion of indecisiveness? My most embarrassing day? My wish list? :P ??????????????

Thought about it for one whole night and finally settled on Kappad beach. The experience I had there was still fresh in my mind and it would be an easy topic too to fill up a page. I started writing and it didn't stop at a page. Finally I had to force myself to stop at the end of 2 pages. I know 2 pages is not much but once I started typing, I was enjoying it and before I knew it, it was over. Since I had written it down without preparing any skeleton I was not very sure about the structure of the piece.

Since I didn't have a LAN cable that day and the guy who oversees the taking of printouts in the CC is not available at 7 in the morning and I had to take this to my class by 8, I sat down to write it down by hand. Voila! It was tough cajoling my fingers to write each word on paper. When was the last I wrote down something more than my siggy on a paper?!!! Memory fails me. Took me half an hour to write down just 2 pages. This way I am gonna have a great time during exams :)

I submitted the assignment and forgot all about it for that day. Next day prof announces in the class that mine was one among 2 papers that he liked! Hallelujah! Mine? Really? How can this happen? Well maybe I really don’t have to worry about the placements? Be a freelance writer……write whenever I wish to and laze around for the rest of the day. Very tempting. It became even more tempting after what the prof told me during the one to one session we had on the assignments. Though there were some minor sentence framing problems, he said that my style of writing resembled that of ......ahem................Arundhati Roy's!!!

“Sir, can you repeat that again please? I don’t think I heard you right.”

Came back to my room all whoozy in the head and read my assignment again. Is this some crazy camera game or something? Na…..can't be. He’s a reputed prof. Well thanks to all this now I am called Miss Roy by my dear friends here and now I don’t have to hit the streets even if I don’t get lucky in the placements.

But tell me something……………… will you buy my book if I write one? :|


Anonymous said...

"Well…what’s the point going to the beach if you don’t have sand on your body!! It would be like a sunrise behind the clouds!" - it is gr8 if u can wash it off before ur drive back home. just imagine getting into ur car all wet and with sand all over ur body - i think i'll pass on that ;-)

"It was tough cajoling my fingers to write each word on paper" - boy - u can say that again ! i am totally with u on this. i def prefer typing to writing. Thank god 4 the wordprocessor ;-)

"he said that my style of writing resembled that of ......ahem................Arundhati Roy? !!! " - hey - i think that is hardly a compliment. that woman uses beautiful prose 4 the most trite stories and such awful ideas that i fell it is a prostitution of the language.

"But tell me something……………… will you buy my book if I write one? :|"
i will if it isn't sthng on the lines of Ms. Roy's magnum Opus which had a local soap opera feel to it.


P.S: Think i'm beginning 2 invade this blog and sorta share it. 4give me girl_with_big_eyes ;-) but u suggested that i post my comments. think u might change ur mind when u c this

Girl With Big Eyes said...

I stick to my suggestion.

Actually I agree with you. I've read God of small things and was not very much moved/impressed by it. Liked certain parts....but cant say i liked her style of writing.
but still its the shock value of the comment made by the prof that shook me up!

How would you feel if someone (quite a big guy) tells you that you write like 'Ruchir Sharma'?!
I am sure you wont touch ground that day :D

Jupe said...

It was the perfect post till i came across that Ms.Roy thingy :-( Since i always speak my mind, sorry lady, i shan't buy ur books if ur gonna write like AR - i find her very pretentious. However personally, I've found ur writings light n breezy - like Anurag Mathur.

N hey i always thought authors gifted their pals free copies as compliments :-)