Tuesday, July 27, 2004


This is what I feel like right now!

Typed down a looong post and was feeling good about it and suddently Kaput! the page goes blank!

Murphy! leave me alone :(

It would take more than perseverance to type down all that stuff down again once more!

Why me! :((


Anonymous said...

Sounds like u could really use some of my vocabulory there ;-) I used 2 talk like a sailor, coz that was part of being 'cool' in school ! Y having a longshoreman's vocabulory was cool is a good question 2 ask. But that is the way it was. As was the fact that u had 2 be a 'jock' 2 b 'cool' ;-) The guys who seem to play all day, and party every evening were the guys who defined 'cool' in school. I've been trying to get rid of my rich four-letter word vocab ever since. Almost successful ;-) But it sure comes handy when Mr. Murphy is proved right (yet again!) and u feel like venting some frustration. Managed 2 substitute "Oh F&*@!" with "Aw Hell!" during yr 1, much 2 the amusement of my friends here. I used 2 b greeted with this expression wherever i went - the canteen, the library, sbdy meeting me on the corridor - didn't matte who or where -almost everybody did it. That got me off it ;-)

Would love 2 know what u were typing in after this. Or was it this post that was lost and u retyped it?

btw - ur post on ur best friend was very touching. I have had no 1 best friend, but have a lot of very close friends - inevitable as i changed schools sthng like once every 2 years on an avg ;-) Still in touch with over a dozen of them! Envy u 4 being so close to 1 person! hope that u guys will always be in touch.


Anonymous said...

the place near railway station where you get appams is Rajdhani .... (cant forget that ! )

Chick biriyani
(- well i am the guy who came to calicut to get the biriyanis.... try it out ..you'll get to know.)