Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Chivalry is still alive

Yes it does! And by that I mean chivalry in the purest sense, no pretense.....nothing desired in return. Sounds impossible in the present world right? I was surprised too....but since it happened to me I have to say "Yes, there's still hope for menfolk".

It was the inagural day of PGP08 at IIMK. Sat through 4 hours of speech. Pretty interesting ones. I liked the the way the chairman reassured us that all the alphabets (read A...B...C...L....I...K) are the almost the same and we have nothing to worry about (.....if things go well!).

After the monologue sessions I went to collect the textbooks for the first term. They made me put my siggy in a piece of paper and gave me 5 books. Good sized ones. Pretty goodsized ones. Though the hostel is quite near to the office, the walk with the books balanced in my petite hands was a bit ...no VERY MUCH....uncomfortable. I am not one who hollers for equality among men and women...at least not in such cases. I have to admit it, it was tough carrying it around. I was about to give up and put those expensive my-companions-for-the-next-3-months down when I saw a couple of my classmates coming down the way. Being a do-it-all kind of a person it didn't cross my mind that maybe I could ask them for help. The idea was alien to me. Gave me quite a shock when the chaps walked up to me and my friends and offered to help us carry the books to our rooms. I didn't believe it. I thought they were just teasing us. But they weren't. And they carried our books religiously to our hostel.

KK, LK and HSR, if you are reading this.........thanks guys and don't lose the spirit.

This was something that would never happen in a traditional Kerala college/school. Do you think any mallu guys would have done the same? No way! I don't know why....but I know the anwser is easy...No, they wouldnt.

I was happy to know that chivalry still exists. Long live Sir Walter Raleigh.

Highlight of the day. Take a look at our campus. IIMK.
Beware you may feel J just like my dear Niks says :)

Am working on my English these days. More on pronunciation and usage of Idioms and Verbal phrases. I am doing it more out of interest rather than as an assignment. I guess if the teacher is able to cultivate this interest in the mind of a student even any boring subject can be conquered easily.

I read the paper aloud like a newsreader would with an international nuetral accent in front of my friends. Good entertainment for them. Tried to apply the pronunciation rules while reading - the ic rule, the ion rule and the ity rule. Learnt the importance of stressing a word. Certain words like 'Project' and 'Present' have different meanings depending on which syllable you stress. Something interesting that I came across is the pronunciation for the common word 'Queries'. Indian pronounce it as .....well....queries :) like we all do. But the real pronunciation of the word is like ....'queeries'. Would you believe this? And do you think even if you use the correct pronunciation of that word people would understand you here? Wouldn't that undermine the entire purpose of language as a tool for communication?!!!!!

Another interesting nugget that I came across is the result of a survey done by some blah blah blah in the West. Can you guess the importance of 1) Content 2)Voice and 3)Body language while talking to someone?
When the prof asked us this the majority in the class went for Voice, Content, BL in that order. Me too more or less agreed with that, though I felt that BL has a greater role.
The results are as follows....
The most important aspect is the Body language which accounts for a whopping 56% of the recipients attention.
Next comes the Voice(modultaion,control etc) of the speaker which is 37%.
Last and the least comes Content which is only 7%
Well so it's not enough that I read the paper aloud....I need to learn to move my arms and head accordingly too. This is really getting to be more than I had bargained for! :|

Some books on these subjects I need to take a look at
Business Communication Strategies by Dr.Monipally
Vocabulary in practice
50 one minute tips for better communication
Speed reading
Better Business writing
Business vocabulary in use
English pronunciation in use
English Phrasal verbs in use

My library card would smoke once I get my hands on it :)


Anonymous said...

"But the real pronunciation of the word is like ....'queeries'." - think that we r both right. the brits go "queerie" and the yanks do it our way. At least that's what i think. check it out. Thank god 4 the yanks - otherwise i'd have had 2 admit that i've been guilty of mispronouncing sthng all my life ;-)

"My library card would smoke once I get my hands on it" - u r welcome 2 mine - that has just dust on it ;-) think it'd appreciate seeing some action! after all the poor thing must be jealous of its brethren distributed among my friends (most of 'em seem 2 give their cards a pretty active life - unlike me) - i plead lack of time and laziness in that order.


Anonymous said...

Hey R,

You seem to be right. The american pronunciation actually matches with ours. I just checked it up in the Oxford ALD, which was a gift from IIMK to all those who attended the course.

That book is pretty neat. Maybe i'll write about it someday.


Anonymous said...

Chivalry - i dread that word - gives me the shudders. Plsssss - Et tu GWBE ?

N fyi 56/37/7 is one of the most quoted (to be read as: boring) stuff u will hear in B-school. I can see that u r enjoying all this but if ur lib card is gonna be used for this kinda stuff, God save this world :-)

Anonymous said...

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