Friday, July 23, 2004

Come, join the elite group. ( It's lonely at the top :P)

Hi friends,

I have one last Gmail invite left. Since lots of people have been asking me to give them the honour of joining the 'prestigious' group, I have been pushed into a tight corner.
Coming from a company that values Integrity, honesty and hmm.....(forgot the rest already!) I decided to be fair for once.

So my dear friends, if you want to be THE one, put on your thinking caps without delay, tell me why I should invite you and not someone else! The most creative one will be chosen.

No word limit, no PJ limit..........take your creative potion and type away!

PS: Maskafying may work! :)
PPS: Obviously, the final decision is solely upto my discretion.
PPPS: This is open till I find an entry interesting enough.

About Gmail for the uninitiated : It is a new webmased email from Google. Unlike other mail services, it uses ActiveX and is very different from the ones that are in existence.

Some prominent features are

+ It is Quite fast! But then, since it is in Beta testing phase, there are some downtimes and some times when it is slow. But at all the other times it just whizzes like Hogwarts Express! :)

+ Offers 1 GB storage

+ Has a powerful Search facility obviously powered by Google

+ Managing contacts is much easier than other mail clients.
Autocomplete facility while trying addresses ( a really good feature to have, Outlook users will love this)
Can import contacts from a CSV file or another webmail provider (aint it neat!)

+ The reply/Forward facility is in the same page as the View mail page. So you dont have to wait until a new page opens to reply.

+ When Gmail displays an email, it automatically shows all the replies to that email as well, so users can view a message in the context of a conversation.

+ It has a built in labeling system, a spam reporter and a system for filtering your mail as it comes into your inbox

+ If you are a person who never bothers to log off from your mail, then you would like gmail. It refreshes itself periodically and you dont have to click on Refresh/Check Mail to check whether you have mail.

+ And last but not the least, since this is still in the infancy stage, it is very easy to get the desired uername. You dont have to go and take utterly stupid ids like p_r_i_y_a_t_s or the ones like priya1780 or the ones like i_wish_i_had_a_better_id. You can actually get an id that contains ONLY your name.

Some downers.........

- No POP access

- Text ads are displayed that are based on the contents of the mail you are reading. Some people may find this as an intrusion into their mailbox! But Google assures that it is completely automated and that the data is not provided to anyone else.

- Works only in IE5.5 and above. Most of the Cybercafes/colleges contain only IE5. This may be a downer for some people. This can be really frustrating at times.

- Does not support Opera!!!!! (This is one thing I would want changed ASAP. My whole e-life is on Opera)

- Is available only to a distinguished few :)


Anonymous said...

Girlwithbigeyes, whats with the miniature font, If your intention was to make us put our thinking caps on then you have succeeded, deciphering your post was more difficult than trying to come up with a creative answer. Hope you find your creative answer/person soon.


Anonymous said...


i wondered 4 a sec if my comp has gone kaput !!! The last comp i owned had suddenly developed a mysterious and very distressing problem of not showing the colour blue. So if i had a photo of the sky, it'd look like the desert !!! Wondered if this monitor had suddenly decided not to display black - got my breath back only when i saw the comments!

lemme take a shot at y it should be me.
1. i'll stop teasing u about using Gmail
2. as a techie who has lost touch with tech, my hunt 4 a gmail id is sthng akin to austin's hunt 4 his mojo. 3. i don't use Opera ;-) and don't say that this is 1 more way that i can turn 'techie' again - i'd love 2 become a bit more techsavvy, but not go the whole hog!
4. i never browse from cafes
5. i really need the space
6. sthng like the_raverocker isn't exactly the sorta id that makes people take u seriously - yeah, i do want people to take me seriously ;-)
7. aren't 6 reasons enough?
8. then again mebbe not! y run a risk. i'll go the extra mile


Anonymous said...

Since I already have a Gmail account, I won't bother you with any innovative answers/pitch but just a single teeny weenie question...was the font size intentional???

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Well.....if you are reading this you would already know that the miniature font was an accident! I admit!
But I would also like to take the credit for making it look different and giving you all a lil mental exercise!
and you all really took the pains to read that!

i am touched :D

Anonymous said...

Start of story(Walking along the beach in Kappad)"Hey, is that a green bottle i see? Maybe there is a genie inside it which will grant me a wish
A genie swooshes out "vats, maango - kya chahiye tumhe"
"I want a gmail account"
"Kuch aur maango yaar"
"NO, i want only a gmail acct"
"Please, i will grant u two wishes. Anything but Gmail"
"Mummyyy, this genie doesn't keep its word"
"Samjha karo yaar. Gmail accts are only for the prettiest AND wisest AND smartest amongst God's creations. I dont have one so i cant invite you."
"I don't care"
"Wait, let me see if i can convince my friend ***** to lend me her last invite so that i can give it to you"
End of storyhey, ***** was definitely NOT Priya ;)

Girl With Big Eyes said...


now this one is interseting! :)

care to you reveal your name? I'd need it and you email id if you really need a gmail account!

still smiling here :)

Anonymous said...

You can gift that to your really loving friend ..
some one who is working hard (or is it hardly working? ) to get his english right.....

Anonymous said...

The prize of a gmail acct (BY ITSELF) does not seem to be worth the price of my anonymity - so am not coming to the awards function :)

Hey anon2, whatz this about my English :( Not good enough?

Anonymous said...

i didnt meen you anon1, their may be other 'really loving friends'. ;)


Anonymous said...

will treat you for a masala dosa in Pathans

Anonymous said...

dear Priya,
I came to know that you are auctioning a gmail account. I would like to know WHY you are doing this?.Is this what you learned in wipro? what all morals have you imbibed from wipro? where have the values gone ? Look at me .. two days back i donated 100Cr to Karnataka govt to start schools. And another 50Cr for housing and development. And another 25Crs for text books.
Listen priya..... Always help the downtrodden ..
help people learn ... help people learn english ... please give that account to the guy with the 'poor' english

Azim Premji

Ps: i hate my employees doing this. How many times.....HOW MANY TIMES have i told HR to include 'philanthropy' during training. They would never listen. Now see whats happening......

Anonymous said...

hey anon1
were is that chap with poor english. puple are searching for him. If you mete ask him to send his emale id to priya


Girl With Big Eyes said...


now this is getting to be interesting.

and Mr.Premji! I think I was done with you! What are you doing snooping around in my blog! Out with you! :)

hey who is the guy who said will treat me in 'Pathans'. Someone from Tcr who knows its my fav place for masala dosa!?

I am having a tough time deciding now....more so because people are so 'darpok' and dont want to reveal their identities! SHAME! SHAME!

Anonymous said...

I thought i had "opted out" of this event - not that i am darpok but.. ;) At some point of time e-bay was selling gmail accts for around 3-5$ so i think a few masala dosas might not match up to the going rate - Jus helpin' :)