Saturday, July 10, 2004

IIMK ho!

Day 1 - 2nd July, 2004

Landed at the 'Divide positioned' IIM, in God's own country on 2nd July with nothing less than 3 bags (King size), 2 cartons and my newly acquired Toshiba. My mind was a potpourri of thoughts......."Leaving behind the 3 sweet little kittens at home was tough........Going to college after a short stint in the IT industry.....Am I headed in the right direction?.........Will I able to get along with the people I meet there?.......Will I be able to scrape through the tests like I managed to do in REC?......Does the new hairstyle suit me.......Did I forget to pack something?!" Typical jumbled thoughts! Ha ha! As if my thoughts are organised otherwise!

The drive to the college was the highpoint of the day. It had been a long time since I had seen the greenery of Kerala. Used to seeing steel and glass buildings in Bangalore this was a welcome change and I took in every little detail and was lost in my own little world. I was thinking what could be better than this?
My question was answered when I reached the campus. For the uninitiated, the campus is set on top of a hill just 14 kms away from the city. And the hill is covered with mouth stayed hung open when we went through the long winding road that leads to the campus. The view was even more breathtaking when I reached the top!!!! Do you know that from the campus all that we can see are hills covered with coconut trees and mist covered mountains......not a single building in sight!!!!! What a sight for city-sore eyes!!!!

Imaging getting up seeing the daybreak right from your bed! I wish I could see that! But unfortunately all the best-view rooms were already occupied by the seniors and I'll have to wait for one year to get to that elite class :) Now all I get to see from C17's window is the lone dog chasing the birds and the security guards walking around. But am not complaining! I have a great view from the washroom when I go to brush my teeth :) And hey on second thoughts 17 is my lucky number! The eight series!!!!! Wow! Life’s gonna rock at K :)
Will upload some photos as soon as I get my hands on some.

Met my batchmates here who I am gonna be seeing 24/7 for the next two years!!! Nice and friendly people! And the seniors! Very helpful!!! The whole experience was so different from how it was during my first day in REC, I found it all a little hard to take in. Can things be so perfect? Yes they can at times and if you really want them to be!!!

But then sometimes things do go wrong :) I won’t call it ragging. I won't call it Non-ragging also. Whatever it was it was something very awkward, at least for me!!!! The 40 of us who had landed at K for the so called remedial course were made to stand in the amphitheatre as if there's gonna be a firing squad and it started off. You could say I was disappointed the way it progressed. There was no ragging (going by the unwritten definitions of ragging). But it was definitely something that could have been avoided. Even today I don’t know what to call it!!!
Damn! That spoiled my perfect day! But technically it didn't as it happened after 12:30 to be precise :)

Day 2 at IIMK - 3 July 2004

My day started off perfectly with Cornflakes for breakfast at 8:00. My fav breakfast which I had forgotten to have for 2 years. I know it sounds silly.....but I really forgot about it. Had got to the bad habit of skipping breakfast. What I like about Cornflakes is that smell rather than the taste! Amazing! Just like 'Petrichor'! Ah! these are the true pleasures in life!

I was here at K one week before the course started since I was scheduled to attend special courses in Quant and Communication! Strange! Those were two things I thought I was good at! Maths had been my favourite subject in school......I was so much into it that the first thing I did when I got back home from school was to do my maths homework! It gave me some sort of a mental satisfaction and a high. The challenge of solving a question or a puzzle is just not there when you learn about the insides of human beings or about what happened in Cuba 100 years before! More on this later!

Getting back to the topic, I was seated in one of the classrooms at K, waiting for the 'remedial course' to be inaugurated. The chairman gave a very nice speech and the classes started off. It’s been 3 years since I have been in that state of mind and sitting there with no worries in mind other than 'when is the next break' was a great feeling :)

The quant class was taken by a prof who ran around the class so much that he was sweating profusely even though there were 6 fans fanning away incessantly! :) And boy! That was one of the scariest hours of my life! Not because I was seated in a maths class...not because I couldn’t understand.....but because the class was so boring that I was trying my best to keep my droopy eyes open. And whatever-we-had-last-night helped a lot too!!! I felt that I was feeling sleepy because I have lost the 'student-mode' after the 3 years of being in the industry doing donkey work!!!! Oh no! Have I lost it all? Will I flunk in Maths and will I be thrown out? Gosh!!! Maybe I should have stuck with my donkey work! At least I didn't feel so insecure there and of course there were no exams!!! Didn't listen to anything the sweaty prof was mumbling! Left it there to be contemplated later!!!..... like cud to be chewed on later.......and after that I haven’t been able to find that thought in my mind. Looks like it's been stolen....or did it run away on its own?

The next session was the Communication Skills session taken by a Desi working in Denmark. One of the most intersting classes I have attended. Not because of the content...but by the style of teaching. I was floored in the first class itself. English language is just amazing........and I am on my journey towards perfecting my not-so-perfect skills on the same. Being a mallu, I do have the distinct 'manglish' accent when I say certain words....mind you.....just for some words!!! I am constantly teased by my buddies on that and one resolution I had made in the past 2 years is to do away with this and also to learn to be fluent in conversational Hindi.

Coming back to the communications class, during most of the class the prof was talking about the difference between the cultures in Denmark and in India. It seems in Denmark, students don’t wish the teachers......sit with their legs on the tables.....decide whether the prof should be fired or not........walk off when the time's up for the class! Can’t think of such things in India!
I guess the difference is in the type of the society. According to the prof, Denmark is more socialistic. Seems there a professor and a janitor in school are paid the same salary cause they are both doing a service and it's equally important to them and to the society! What's this? Vellarikkapattanam or something? But then I liked the idea behind it. Equality to such an extend! I guess in such a system, people would study something only when they are really interested. Why to waste time studying something if you would get the same salary at the end of the day if you sweep the floor or say be a cook or a rocket scientist?

I am digressing....back to the commn class. Some of the interesting things that were brought up in the class were the importance of correct pronunciation and tuning of sentences. How to express emotions even with a simple sentence by modulating your voice properly. An art in itself! I know of a person who talks good English, but with absolutely no tune. That person is certainly getting the idea across...but it could be done in a better way. The prof showed us how to use tunes so that, even by saying a very polite sentence in a certain tune, you can slap a person! Came back to the hostel and tried tuning some sentences...a good start!

Hey! This was a Saturday. And what are Saturday nights for other than partying? :)
Yup! Had a good bash in our mess which transformed into a dance floor for the night. Danced the night away. It was fun.

But it was definitely not fun getting up at 6 the next day to attend classes. Yup! We had classes on Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I know precisely wot u r toking about when u mean by "ragging" :-))))) ooohh, how much i wanna hear the "sordid" details :-p Some things never change abt any B-school, do they ? But one small tip lady, don't be judgemental. With time u will realise that it wasnt all that bad. U probably felt more awkward coz the last 3 years have been very professional and u wud have felt like saying "Cmon, grow up" - Right ? I mean, there is no justification for wotever happened but wot is life without such things..I dont think i've managed to say wot i wanted to.. Never mind...

Btw, chuck quants - u haven't seen the worst until it gets to "costing" - then u will totally sympathise with the "poets" (i assume you've read 'Snapshots from hell')

Hmm.. too long a comment.. but one last thing..u cudn't have chosen a better ID (sigh)

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot..Wots with the new hairstyle?

If its anything like r1c1 or r2c2, then all i can say is wowwwwwww :-p

Anonymous said...

Answers 2 jumbled thoughts in the same jumbled fashion; though rather short ;-)
yes, yes, yes (though it takes some time 2 get used 2 it), dunno ;-)

btw, eight is considered a lucky number by the chinese as eight and luck share the same word in cantonese.

and yeah - i'm glad i wasn't part of the "ragging". thought it was pretty juvenile. this isn't undergrad and people hv 2 understand that. agree with u there.

hmm...commie leanings. i'd say this would have been enough for Senator McCarthy.

"I know of a person who talks good English, but with absolutely no tune. That person is certainly getting the idea across...but could be done in a better way" - hope that doesn't mean me ;-) or should i hope that it is - coz it is a complement of sorts.


Seeing Things said...

Since you are working on your english- it is "Equality to such an extent", not 'extend'.