Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Managerial Communication and Gossips

We have a subject called Managerial Communication. The aim of this course is to equip the budding managers with good presentation skills, good listening skills and the like.
Though I like to attend such classes which really help in the real world, this particular course is not very much upto my liking. Maybe becasue I have a benchmark to measure this against. And I did measure it on the first day itself. The competitor was Gerald G Netto, the prof who had taught the same subject during the preparatory class. The vibrancy and enthusiasm is missing in the present lectures. Also, Gerry used to give emphasis on good pronunciation which I am very much interested in. But the present prof does not even mention about the pronunciation. I guess it doesnt matter 'how' the managers say something as long as they say the right things!

Given a choice I would have chosen to opt out of the course as I dont feel like I am gaining anything from this. Though the sunday sessions (where we are gonna be recorded on video while giving a presentation) with individual feedback is gonna be something to look forward to. But then there goes my sundays too!!!

We had an interesting Roleplay in our last MC session. The objective of the roleplay was to show that when soem information passes thorugh a chain of people, when we reach the end of the chain the information is distorted, sometimes completely transformed into the opposite! I guess simply put, this was the formal version of Chinese whispers which everyone must have played during their childhood.

During the Roleplay, 5 volunteers were asked to narrate the story from memory to the next person. Being part of the audiance, I could actually see the way it was gettig distorted. And my dear friend Reddy even went to the extent of adding some masala to it!!!

We had the same exercise done during my induction in Wipro. This was coordinated by a very senior person called B P Rao.(Sigh! I had so much fun on that day!) A very very lively person! There the story was about a monkey called Ram who plucks fruits from trees everyday and gives it to his wife and chidren. Due to deforestation since there were fewer and fewer number of trees after a few days, Ram and family could not depend on the trees for their petpuja. So they went to the nearby villages and stole food.
Once this story passed through 5 people, finally the Monkey was converted to a Man and the whole story changed! Someone even said that Ram's wife was angry and almost beat him up! That was hilarious!

The whole point is, this is how rumours start and develop into scandals. They start as a molehills and end up as mountains.
People hear a tidbit of information about somebody they may know or not, and they take that info and build a story around it in their heads. Then they tell their friends this info, and their friends add even more false info to the story and spread that around, until the whole school is talking about how Julie is pregnant with Lucky's kid, when what really happened is Julie only babysat Lucky's cousin's kid!

It may have actually happened like this

Dummy1 to Dummy2: 'Hey did you know that Julie babysat Lucky's cousins kid and she told me that she found the baby real cute'

Dummy2 to Dummy3: 'Hey, Julie babysat Lucky's cousins kid and she finds Lucky real cute!'

Dummy3 to Dummy4: 'Hey did you hear it? Julie has the hots of Lucky these days, and they babysit Lucky's cousins kid together'

Dummy4 to Dummy5: 'Julie and Lucky are going around and Lucky's cousin knows that they had a kid!'

Dummy5 to Dummy6: 'Julie and Lucky just had a kid! And they were just going around! Imagine she is still in school!'

So people, take care when you hear something sizzling from the local BBC! Things may be far far different.


Gossip is nature's telephone.
- Sholom Aleichem

Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea.
- Henry Fielding

I've always believed that a lot of the trouble in the world would disappear if we were talking to each other instead of about each other.
- Ronald Reagan


Anonymous said...


U know what - if u r comparing ur MC prof with Mr. Netto, i guess u should also try comparing her with the guy we had 4 half the goddamn course last year (ur current prof took the rest of it)!

It was a prof from ur alma mater - the REC. Some jerk who tried to teach Managerial Comm theoretically!!! Man - i wouldn't wish his class on my worst enemy! Glad u r spared from that torture! So count urself blessed ;-) If not Mr. Netto, u've at least got sbdy who is a lot better than whom u could have got were it not for scathing feedback from us last year! YEah - feedback works for visiting faculty, though it doesn't seem to have the same sort of effect on permanent ones ;-)

And yeah - totally with u on the rumors thing ! btw - nice quotes! Love the one from Reagan - seems vaguely familiar though i'm not a guy who rememberes quotes normally - guess i must have seen or heard it in a eulogy 4 him recently. Think The Economist came up with one.


Anonymous said...

Nice imagination you've got - But i don't quite dig that monkey's name - Not fair, GWBE :-((

Anonymous said...

Miss Roy (Read...Bhabi),
It seems Mr.Gerry was right when commenting on your style, Impressive. I guess the blog is a bit late to post but considering ur effort I think it's worth to be send to Mr.Gerry ( I have his ID...Muhahahaha).
In a way, yes ur blogs have motivated me enuf to start blogging, probably utilize the time we all waste on studying.

Girl With Big Eyes said...


i swear this was the real name used by BP Rao in his exercise! and i have no involvement in this :P

and A Singh!
you dont have to call me bhabhi anymore now that the play has been cancelled (so sad!) more so since i was really looking forward to being kidnapped by the cute ravan!

Anonymous said...

The monkeys name was Ramu & he stole food from the hawkers. Deforestation happened due to an upcoming hirise :)