Monday, July 19, 2004

Marketing from a different perspective!

It takes a lot more than a good prof to keep me awake in class these days. Well, Dr.Panda, our Marketing prof wins hands down on that.

Was nodding off in the class as usual when these words fell in my ears

"Hey shaunak, imagine you are walking down MG Road with your pet dog Miya at 10:30 in the morning. Suddenly your natural instincts unleash and you feel like having sex. What will you do?"
(Shaunak (name changed) is one of my fellow classmates)

I woke up with a start. Am I attending a wrong class? While Shaunak was turning beetroot, the prof kept on pressing.........

"It's highly improbable that you will be able to have sex in that situation. Suppose your pet dog Miya feels the same urge. Will it be able to?"

Well that guy had a point there. A really interesting point.

"Of course it can. There you have the difference between men and animals. Though both of them have the same needs, the man could not satisfy his needs due to restrictions imposed by the society."

"So my dear friends....Now do you understand the difference between need and a want?"

"Let me put it this way, a want is a need that is accepted by the society and can be quenched."

I was wide awake. My eyes were popping out the way it does when I listen to my bestfriends' gossipping. It's been a long time since someone made me sit up and take notice like this! That too from my abominable sleep!

Well...thats out Marketing prof. He is infamous for his special way of teaching. Not only his examples are on the freaky side, but he also uses someone from the class as a bakra to star in these examples. And he doesn't spare girls either.
We just had two leactures and he's already used me twice in his stories :)

Well........I don't mind being made the fool as long as there is something meaningful coming up at the end.
We have one more leacture today....let's see what happens!

We have started working on Balance sheets in Accounting. It was a subject I had a solid mental block against......thanks to my cousins and mom....who had made it sound worse than Fourier Transformations and Compiler Construction!
But its actually as simple as ABC! Maybe because I was scared of failing in the subject or maybe because we have a fantastic prof for the subject who is so lively that it actually spreads to the students too!
Today I balanced the accounts for Brad Pitt Corp and JLo Inc. And it balanced :)
God, please make sure that it stays that way.

Just got back for one of the usual parties that we have on our mess hall to be more exact. Its a nice way to unwind after a hectic week. Dance with no care in the world and dont stop till every muscle in the body starts aching.
That pain has got a special pleasure to it. not a masochist. I don't find the pain of an Injection all that enjoyable! But certain pains are really enjoyable....another one of them is the shooting pain you get when your leg falls asleep and slowly starts to wake up!

Long live dance parties! Long live friendship!


Anonymous said...

I thot i have seen a lot of cranky profs in my lifetime but Mr.Panda wins hands down - Nice example that one though i have a diff: take on it- Mebbe some other day ;-)

Hmmm...Dance parties.. God bless ...If it weren't for them, i wud have never discovered my "soul-mate" - Those long walks in Juhu beach, those never ending sessions of TT, those bottomless mugs of beer, those moments of madcap fun when we laffed thinking abt all those fools breaking into the Bhangra for every goddamn song :-) Love live Dance Parties - Long live friendship.

Anonymous said...


Panda is fun in the beginning. Then he becomes predictable. And he goes overboard every now and then. Like in our CB class this term where he made very uncharitable remarks about my fave prof here. He also rehashes his jokes every class and every year. We heard the same dog - owner eg. last year in his class. U can either love him or hate him, but u can't ignore Panda. By now u might hv realised that i am not exactly one of his greatest fans ;-) But even i'll say this 4 him - the guy is good at knowing the Indian market.