Tuesday, July 20, 2004

My fav place in the campus…….

……………is none other than the library. And these days I almost live in the library. Don’t get me wrong. Am not a plain Jane who reads only the textbooks and does the exercises 5 times...and that too before it is taught by the Prof. Most of the time I am in the library, I'll be either contemplating on something as silly as 'the cute guy sitting on the next table' or as serious as 'What am I doing here in IIMK!?'. Or else I'll be reading one of the endless magazines I have access to now! All the magazines you can dream of......you name it....I have it at my disposal here :) I just have to read them rather than feeling all smug about it. In between all this I find a little bit of time to go through the textbooks too.

Was hooked to National Geographic, the day I saw it with a dear friend of mine in NITC. But those days I couldn’t afford it. Though our college had a subscription, most of the time the issues wouldn’t be the latest ones or they would simply be missing! Thank you Devi, for being so nice to me and letting me borrow it every month.
The first thing I did when I got myself a Credit card after joining the IT bandwagon, is to become a NatGeo member. The pride I felt when I held my first copy of NG.....it would put a newly turned father to shame! And from then on I took care of every issue with utmost care. (I am very finicky when it comes to handling books...especially when I loan it to other people. I simply hate people who dog-ear the pages or who don’t return my prized-possessions on time).

Then comes AutoCar magazine. Though I was never into automobiles, a friend of mine was totally into them. And slowly it rubbed off on me. Though it was a long time back, even today when I see an Auto magazine, I just can’t stop myself leafing through it. Old habits die hard I guess.

Then there's the Scientific American. I stumbled onto their site purely by chance while googling for something. That day (lucky day for them) they had featured an article on Parallel Universes from a scientific perspective. One of my fav topics (all my close friends would have heard me babbling about parallel universes at least once). I took a printout of that immediately, thanks to Azim Premji. (Free printouts of anything and everything is one of the luxuries I am missing terribly now.) I was so hooked onto the article, I read it 3 times in one sitting. The article was a bit difficult to understand the first time, but it became as clear as daylight when I read it the second time. When I finished reading it, I was so confident that parallel universes exist, I would have had a heated debate with anyone who dared to refute it on that day. I still treasure that article. From that day onwards, I am a regular at the SciAm site. But its only last week, that I got a chance to hold a SciAm in my arms!!!! And ah.......did it feel good!

Some interesting articles in the SciAm site today

Baby Talk Beginnings
Infant pacification may have led to the origins of language.
The article talks about how motherese, the distinctive speech that human adults across the globe instinctively use when addressing babies holds a key to the emergence of language.

Why do men have nipples?
Like all "why" queries, the question of why men have nipples can be addressed on many levels. My four-year-old daughter, always suspicious of a trick when asked such obvious questions, answered: "because they grow them." In search of the trick answer, she quickly added that "chests would also look pretty funny with just hair."

Science for Cops.
A behind-the-scenes look at a high-tech police

Here's the article on Parallel Universes
I guess this has become a paid article now. This is how the article starts off....
"Is there a copy of you reading this article? A person who is not you but who lives on a planet called Earth, with misty mountains, fertile fields and sprawling cities, in a solar system with eight other planets? The life of this person has been identical to yours in every respect. But perhaps he or she now decides to put down this article without finishing it, while you read on."

I could go on and on about these little pleasures I get in our library..............

Today while walking by from the magazine section in the library I saw these words in a small poster on one of the walls
"If you want to find yourself,
First lose yourself"

How true!

Let me sleep on that tonight.


Anonymous said...
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Girl With Big Eyes said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The library..ahem.. thats one place i spent so much time..Cud have been more except for that stupid rule which meant lib was closed beyond 11 pm (curfew time for women in their hostel) - horribly misplaced rules of equal opp: :-( If you ever get the time, do chk out all the HBS newsletters and mags. The e-version rocks too!! N if u wanna know wot "innovative pedagogy" means to me, chk this out...


in fact most of JLBs stuff is fascinating

Nat Geo..Hehehe.. thats a channel on CHILD LOCK in my house coz my dad sees so much of it n i get bugged. U actually buy this mag ? Whoa - u have an inheritance or sthg ?

Anonymous said...

okay okay! i got your point ..
will return your "Zen and the...." and "bridge across..." ASAP...

regarding mags...
try out .. popular science, and fortune .. decent stuff

and if you can get your hands on HBS mags ... go thru the march edition .. superb articles on manager's minds but with a capitalist touch

hey btb ..if you have that article on parallel world..just mail it across .. sounds interesting .. mebbe i can meet some other copies of you somewhere else :D


Girl With Big Eyes said...


I do go through HBR and other popular journals. They are kind of 'must' now.

the links you had given were interesting. but isnt it kind of prmitive that you had a curfew of 11 for the girls!? here life starts at 12am....whatever is to be read/done for the next done will be taken up only then.

and tv,
i dint mean anything when i wrote about my crankiness for books. and i dont need those books back. I already bought another copy of Zen.....and Bridge across..... i dont think thats a book I want in my collection.

GirlWithVERYBigEyes :)

Anonymous said...


I used 2 frequent the library too till the work load started gtng really heavy. then lost the habit. Tried it 2nite and i think my productivity improved by leaps and bounds. Thx 4 getting me back into the groove, even if u didn't mean 2 do it ;-)

The HBR is a mag which i think would be helpful only for middle and sr mgrs. Of course every now and then u do come across a pathbreaking article like "IT doesn't matter" (think Carr wrote that sometime last year or b4 that). As 2 the rest of the stuff in the library, the only thing i have time and inclination 4 is the Economist and the FT.

Man - u do read a lot! And was i right in my suspicion that u r red or at least pink ;-) An earlier coment by sbdy says that some article is "...nice, but capitalistic..." Hmmm. So r u one of those psuedo intellectual commies that Kerala seems 2 churn out? My hunch says u rnt. Correct me if i'm wrong. i'd sure like 2 know!

And i absolutely loved "Bridge across forever". Dunno y u feel it isn't sthng u shld keep! Of course it gets sorta messy in the end, but i'd say that the rest of the book makes up 4 it. Try read some high adrenaline books like "Barbarians at the gate" (about when RJR-Nabisco was put into play), "Liar's Poker" (about traders in Salomon Bros), "The new new thing" (as a former - shld i use this adjective - techie u might love this story of Jim Clark of Netscape), "When Genius Failed" (the fund that almost created a cascade of defaults in the US mkt which would've left a 1 Trillion (!!!) hole in it).
That is all i can think of now. Anbdy got any other recos?

Think the Nat Geo must cost a bomb! Didn't know u were making that kind of money ;-)


Anonymous said...

hey R
HBRs are actually a bit capitalist .. most of their articles disdain third world countries ... something people like me cant assimilate.. afterall world is not the sole properties of the intellectuals and leaders .. it also belongs to the hungry and the needed
(ps. i may sound communalist ..but i am not .. i just hate those sharks who care a damn to the poor )

Anonymous said...

OOOPS !!!! ... i meant communist .. and not communalist