Saturday, July 17, 2004

So much to do and so little time.

There was a time when I used to get up at 4 in the morning to study for my exams. I used to do this during my 8th and 9th. (Yeah, I was a nerd.) Making a coffee for myself at that hour was also an incentive.
But today I am sitting here awake at 4 and wondering whether I should sleep today (or is it yesterday?!) or wait for the next night :P
So much to do and so little time.
Decided to go with the second option.

People who know me well will be shocked when they read the previous paragraph. I am famous for my early sleeping routine. The latest I could stay up at night was to watch the Friends episode. There was no way I could stay awake that late to study….. even if the exam meant the life for me!

One night during my engg, I had stayed up to write a C program. It was just 10 in the night…..I barely managed to write 5 lines of code before I slept off. When my dad woke me up later the whole screen was filled with Zs and Xs! Apparently I had fallen asleep with my hand/head strategically positioned on the keyboard! So much for Zzzzzzzzing off!

Learnt the importance of Time the hard way after coming to IIMK. Thinking of all those schooldays and college-days when I have passed away time sleeping or just doing nothing, gives me a sense of irritation towards myself. I wish I knew how to Time Travel to go back and meet that priya (who loved to wear pinafores) and tell her to do something better. Sigh! (Richard Bach's One is one of my all time fav books)

And of course, all those ‘billed’ hours in Wipro I have spent reading a million forwards, forwarding most of them, sending minimum 200-300 mails a day to my friends (there was even a day when the count touched 1000! But I was on bench those days.) playing minesweeper or helplessly sitting through those ‘always back to square one’ meetings. Sigh sigh! Why do we always wish that we were a little wiser in the past!

But then all these moments had their own sweet joy. Something that even today I would love to do……imagine one of those typical heavy monsoon rains of Kerala (rain thick as sheets, but the sun shining away saying “rain or no rain, I’m gonna shine”), imagine a very cosy chair just near the veranda, imagine a mug of hot steaming Bru filter coffee, imagine sitting in that chair with a novel/classic in hand. I could sit like that for hours together and feel euphoric at the end of the day! Another incentive of these rains is the heavenly Petrichor! It drives my olfactory thingies mad!
(petrichor (PET-ri-kuhr):The pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a dry spell.)

A friend of mine mispronounces Petrichor as PET-ri-chor and not as PET-ri-kuhr. Hey D, if you are reading this, sit straight and notice the correct pronunciation.

Ahem! Back to reality.

Played TT for the first time in my life yesterday and enjoyed it 100%. Thanks to SR for giving me some tips on that. (With my wishes, I am sure you will win the lowest bid for the ticket to Calcutta)
How I ended up playing TT…….We had one hour free in between two classes……Accounting was over and we were waiting for the economics class. Normally I would have preferred to come to my room and check mail or see if anyone’s online who I can pester. Otherwise I would be in the library checking out all my fav mags.

But that day God disposed, “Ye shalt do something else for a change. I am bored watching reruns daily”.

And I said, “Amen”.

Found myself at the TT room cum Gym cum TV room. Since I am more used to Badminton and using force while hitting the ball, I was a little too harsh on the ping pong ball. And sometimes TT balls (the lightest ball used in any sport) gave me enough trouble making me run around the whole room trying to get my hands on them. SR, MP and NS, I know you guys had a great laugh that day at my expense…but then I enjoyed it too :)
By the end of one hour, I learned to serve pretty decently and return the serves politely without using force. I really enjoyed it. Made a resolution to add TT to my ec list by end of next year. Hey maybe I can even take part in the InterHostel TT tournament next year!

Darn Cameramobiles!!! Beware guys! They can catch you unaware at any moment. Look at what happened to me.

sleepy head
Caught sleeping in class and now titled the sleepy head of Class of 2006!

Nobody tell this to my mom and dad! :|


viju02ap said...

why are you so much bothered about sleeping.Did you ever think of the time to sleep for a nightwatchman or a journalist who works till 3'o clock,and gets up in late morning.Sleep whenever you want and don't bothered about it.Is wakening is a problem?Is it so you are a philosopher too.And next day........

Girl With Big Eyes said...

it really makes a difference when you have straight 4 hours of class the next day starting at 8!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

U really are becoming a lingo freak, arent u :-) PET-ri-kuhr, did i get it right ma'am ? (bow my head)

Dunno why but i always find that it becomes fashionable for ppl to say that in B-school, there's never ever enough time. (On more prodding, the skelatons come outta the closet - TT, guppe, surfing...)

Rags, we've never had to put in more than 4 hrs of reading per day and i always thought we'd done decently well for ourselves. Mebbe v vere rong. Mebbe v shud have read all those BIG books they gave us, mebbe we shud have done each n every assigment, mebbe v shud have never looked beyond Andheri, mebbe squash was a total waste of our time, mebbe 7(10 in ur case) hrs of sleep everyday was a luxury - wot the heck, mebbe some day we will actually be using Conjoint analysis, Value appropriation. Subliminal perception and Deceptive pricing.. Mebbe...

GWBE, pardon me for the digression. U write well. Keep penning.
ps: Did u enjoy "The Bridge across forever"

Anonymous said...

You do write well, Ms. Roy!!!
By the way, did you participate in the TT tournament at all or keeping it for the next year after you actually start to return the serves with(out???) force...Whatever...may the force be with you:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Priya,

Stumbled upon your blog. You write well....not Ms.Roy yet but i guess it wont hurt to have our own Ms.Roy on campus :-)


P.S: In a few weeks staying awake till 4 am and sleeping in class is going to be the norm rather than the exception for the whole class.

Anonymous said...


Hv u read "Bridge across forever"? that is the best Bach novel i've read since "Jonathan Livingston Seagull". And substitute Bru coffee 4 Darjeeling tea and we got similar aspirations ;-)

The_Girl_with_big_eyes said that she believes in freedom of expression. Thank u ;-) Lemme say how much i admire u 4 trying 2 break out of a small town mindset. I've done the same and i guess i identify with u. Well -i've been am early bird too till i came over here.

Petrichor ??? r u using a thesaurus? or is ur vocab just fantastic? Jeez - i thought i was ok. Feel that i need 2 play catch up if u haven't used a thesaurus.

And yeah - i used 2 play badminton pretty decently in school. Actually the only game i love. TT is ok/ Gave it the good old school try. But gave it up when i realised i'm never gonna b really good at it.

And i couldn't catch ur pic. The link didn't work