Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Another day goes by here...................

It was quite an eventful day yesterday. For a change, I managed to get up one hour before the class!
Had missed two classes this week due to this and I was struggling yesterday to understand the Merchandising accouting and Desicion theory.
It is indeed true that if you listen (read awake) in class, half the work is done.
Just made a resolution to get up in time, hope I remember this when I wake up today!

Some things that I have been busy with

- Washing my clothes! Had to, cause I was left with nothing clean to wear.

- Trying to catch up on a little bit of sleep. I feel my efficiency level is going down day by day. Maybe I should start having Complan again. Yes, I am a complan girl! :)

- Go on long walks down the hill and then up the hill! 4 kms in all. That too at midnight!
Nothing like it to start a day with!

- Work on my Marketing project.....google for P&G, Ariel, HLL, detergent....havent used google before so much!
We have a great group for this project. With the mix of people we have its pretty
informative! (Keep giving me all those tips and tricks Rahul!)

We have already done two field trips...one to the retailer and one to the distributor. Both of them were very helpful in terms of the data that we wanted.
I was trying to talk to the distributor interspersing the conversation with something I had picked up in class or from kotler! And it actually worked! From the looks he was quite impressed! heh heh heh!
I should practise this more!

Hey anyone has any contacts in P&G....however chotta motta it may be....distributor, DM, KAM, Sales executive? Do let me know! Treat guaranteed!

Oh shucks! Juz came to know theres a 'Surprise Quiz' tomorrow! :(

I have come to hate surprises now!


ubergeek said...

My oh my - have u been busy or what ! But u know what - that actually sounds more like fun ! I really feel alive when i'm just on the verge of going to pieces ;-) Stretching urself 2 the limits is an adrenaline rush like nthng else.

Long walks !!! that is sthng i am yet 2 discover. y in the world would anybody walk when they could jog? Of course, if it is a romantic stroll in the moonlight, then things r very different - or if u just want to talk with sbdy and not run out of breath. but if the intention is to work off a few pounds, then i say jog! i've always been a 'guy who is always in a hurry' ;-) can't help it - i always feel like time is running out. maybe the beginning of a quarter-life crisis here ;-)

Best of luck 4 the 'surprise (?) quiz'

Anonymous said...

Hey, walks at midnight are wowww but arent those hills infested with snakes and other reptiles..And I used to know Rahul Malhotra, CMM P&G India - does that qualify for a treat ? (Of course he doesnt know me) OK OK relaxxx.. That was a feeble attempt at a joke..When u r branded funny, u have a reputation to live upto and it kinda bogs one down :-(

A "surprise" quiz that u know of - aint that bit of an oxymoron ? Neway ATB :-)