Sunday, August 15, 2004

Can't stop thinkin about

Social Transformation in India
or more populary known as STI

Trying to read the long notes for STI...though I dont make a consicous effort to understand what I am reading, I hope they come back to me as hallucinations during the test.
Reading about Who is an Indian, Indian caste system, Dalits in TamilNadu, Changing faces of Jats! blah blah blah from a barely clear photocopy at midnight is not exactly my cup of coffee ( I prefer coffee to tea).
Wish these were just prescribed readings and didn't have tests. Maybe I would have read them in a different light and in my own sweet time.
The test is tomorrow....long 2 hours ....and that too in the sleepy afternoon. If I get away with this, I am sure I can get away with anything.

Wish I had not slept happily in all those STI classes :(

MidSem starting from tomorrow and the schedule is packed with 2 exmas every day. Reminds me of the back to back exams we used to have in schools.
Tomorrow it's gonna be Accounting and STI.
Hope my Balance sheet matches and I don't doze off in STI.

Another Independence day on a Sunday. I am proud of being an Indian and I did attend the flag hoisting ceremony, but I wish it had fallen on a Monday or a Tuesday or a Wednesday or a........

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ubergeek said...

Hope u survived STI ok!

I used 2 archive good articles i found thinking that i'd read them when i have time later on, but would never quite manage to get around to doing that ;-) I guess it is a question of priorities. Good articles, for eg. an excellent editorial, ought to be read as soon as you see it. Or else you might never do it - I know that i don't! It becomes a chore that you just push down the to-do list!

ubergeek, the