Saturday, August 07, 2004

CV - Me in 2 pages.


Who likes to write CVs? Especially if its their own?

I for one dont like it.
And I have been very uncomfortable during all the times I have made one.

The first time was during btech while applying for jobs through Campus. Back then it was the technical skills that mattered more. Though I took lots of pains to make the many nights and how many discussions! And the fat HR from Wipro (who had a cute cuddly tummy though!) who recruited me didn't even open my file! All he wanted to know was how to write a C program to delete the last but one node from a doubly linked list. And then the general questions about sorting and compilers. ... ...blah blah all seems so distant now.

Oh! The day before the Wipro interview (which I knew I had clinched when I saw the interviewer's expression during the interview), there was the Lucent interview.
Worst part of any interview is the waiting just before you get called into the confines of the D-Room :|
And the waiting part of the Lucent interview was the worst! Donno why, but I was all fingers and had all sorts of butterflies in my tummy. Finally I was called in, and I saw that the interviewer had this expression on his face as if the coffee he was drinking had salt rather than sugar and he wasn't too happy about it. At that time, the last place I wanted to be in the whole world was that room!
And how do they always know how to ask ONLY the questions you THOUGHT would never be asked or you simply DIDN'T know! :(
It was ta ta to Lucent in 10 minutes.

Then there was the SYNOPSYS interview...which was a sitter as it was only on Maths and Puzzles! I even ended up asking the interviewer some of my favourite puzzles!!! :D

3 days......2 jobs in the bag! Not a bad proposition!

Wish I could have gifted the Synopsys job to any of those needy jobless batchmates of mine. But then life comes with its own set of rules!

Then came the most painful time of my life. The software slowdown and the personal slowdown.

One of those damn doom years.

No job. No fun. No life.

Just an emptiness.

But then how can a Capricon give up so soon?

You gotta start somewhere! Sitting at home learning Java or cribbing about my fate wouldnt do!

How to make a resume to submit to a firm all on my own! No placement NIT to help me out.

Man....that was scary! I had a feeling that my CV was too juvenile. But then it turned out to be otherwise!
Wherever I took my CV to, though I got a job or not, a compliment on the CV was assured! :)

The interview in the small electronics company in Nashik (I forgot its name!) and the horrible one week there!

Me and electronics!? they should have been out of their mind to take me in!

Those days I used to count each and every second in a day and wait impatiently for the clock to show 5 so that I can finally get out of that place and go on my loooong walk back to my aunt's place. And there, I learnt how to do absolutely nothing but still look busy. (Well, I later perfected those skills in Wipro )

The only thing I used to look forward to in those days were those long lonely walks...that too in a place so different from what I had seen till then (first time outside Kerala and not on a vacation) and in a place where I had no clue about the local language (marathi).
Finally when I was tired of counting the seconds, I left the job or internship or whatever it was!!

Then came the ICICI Home loans resume with all the alphabets C,C++ blah blah blah was a complete misfit over there. But I guess the achievements part saved me there.
And before I knew it, I was saying "Hi, can I help you with your Home Loan?"

Those 6 months were like oasis to me. Thanks to my darling cousin Kavi for everything and to my aunt and uncle without whom I would have had a 1 year hole in my resume!
Those 6 months gave me an insight into the real world. Salaried men, their wives, children, sisters, brothers and their spouses.....all who wanted loans! People who wanted loan for the tax benefit......people who wanted loan cause they need the money......people who want a loan just because they think they need one becasue their neighbour has one. It was a nice experience.
Managing 7 field executives was a little tough in the beginning....especially since there was a Jat in the group! :)

Then the interiview in Vidya (VAST) for the CDAC faculty post!

Me and teach!?

I had never thought about that before. But then I was not in a position to choose at that time and they were ready to pay me generously just because of the NITC in my resume!

Sometimes where you studied does make a difference even if you didn't study anything much there!
Happy times were back again.....Siji, Nisha, Nithin...had an amazing time with you all!

Then suddenly one day Wipro realises that it had recruited some bright ones ;) from NITs and its time to take them into the grind!!!! Yahoooooooooo.............No more resumes to be made! The REC gang from all over India landed in the Bangalore Sarjapur guest house!

I wo'nt forget the way they pampered us for the first month with the perfectly clean and almost 5 star rooms and those buffet breakfasts in the balcony overlooking the pool. . . .. .. .the coffee machines in the rooms....the duck family walking around the campus in the night........maids to clean the rooms and make the unlimited food!
It's also a place where I made some friends for life and that too in such a short span of time!

Reality check....the 12 hour day work starts!
There it is! raised it's ugly head again. This time for internal company use. There were times when I used to detest this so much that, when I get those now-or-never mails from HR to update the CV, I used to open up the CV updation site, add or remove a fullstop or a comma and save it as if it has been updated! Smart, huh? :)
Software is really stupid at times! (or is it the progammer who never thought about something like this?!)
CV updation was not really important for me there as I was in the same project and didn't want to change it for some specific reasons! I miss iGMS!

Then there were the times when I made a temporary Work Ex resume to apply for other companies. How can I forget the Infosys stint, which I turned down and the Geometric stint, which turned me down!

Then comes the CV preparation for the IIMs! That must have been the CV on which I spent the maximum time on.
What with rumours that the IIM profs did pyschoanalysis to read between the lines. brrrrrr

Thank you pkt for helping me out with the resume so patiently. Without your help, I wouldn't have been sitting here and writing this!

'Why do you want to do an MBA?'
'Your strengths and weaknesses?'(who would want to admit their weaknesses?!)
'Why should we choose you?'
'What do you expect from us?'

and more and more blah blah...........

The SPJain 'Managerial aptitude test' was the ultimate of them all!(Though it's not a CV, the contents were almost the same) My hand started aching by the time I somehow finished all those numerous chottu mottu questions! They had repeated the questions randomnly to check for consistency in the answers. Boring it was!

Now again the time comes to write the CV again! For Summers. But this time it has become more of a Copy paste with some creativity here and there.

A little help from SG, Rohit and Ronald and Voila! my resume is ready!
And I feel this is the crispiest it has ever been :)

My best ever CV.


ubergeek said...


I think anybody who has a modest streak would shy at the task of making a CV. I've often agonised at how to make one that would do a good job of selling me, but yet didn't end up sounding like i was trying too hard.

Looks like u've gone thru the s/w bust like a lotta other people i know (including me!) - there was 1 day when i almost cried. But i never gave up hope! And looks like u didn't either! Looking back on that time, i think it helped mould character if it didn't do much else. Plus 4 the 1st time in my life i didn't have things come easy - and there was a real possibility that the rest of my life would never be easy again! Thankfully i've (like you) managed to come out of it pretty ok in the end.

To all the survivors from the Batches of 2001 & 2002 - or perhaps, to those who are still struggling - Have courage! Hope springs eternal!

ubergeek, the

Anonymous said... do have a varied experience. Must have been quite a handful, whether you liked them or not...

Girl With Big Eyes said...

hi ubergeek,

welcome to the jinxed bach of 2001!

Its not just the software slowdown that the batch has seen.....

in 10th, one of the papers were cancelled cause of a paper leak
same for the IIT
same again this year for CAT!

sometimes wonder whether its the 2001 batch or is it just me? :|

Maybe we 2001 babies who had the never-say-die attitude can form a group or something and share the experiences.

What say?

Anonymous said...

Ah.. the batch of 2001...delhi-ites would remember not only the iit leak but the DCE leak also. and of course i can vouch for the fact that this batch has always been at the forefront of all changes.. right upto the first intro session in iimk


ubergeek said...


I didn't know about the DCE fiasco, but i do remember the IIT-JEE. And the Kerala Entrance exam too! Oh and could anybody who wrote the boards in 1997 ever forget the physics paper that created stormy scenes in parliament ;-)

Not a bad idea to form an association of the Batch of 2001! We could call ourselves Jinxed Inc and sell our lifestories packaged with Murphy's laws !!!

There - that is a business case that would have raised a zillion dollar in funds in 1999 if we could only give some way to take the whole thing online - like get the customers to order online and pick up our books and murphy's from a central warehouse ! No wonder the market went bust in 2001 ! "Irrational exuberence" was as classic an understatement as ever from the Fed Chairman. Let us hope that we continue to live in exciting times. But this time i think i'd prefer to just watch the excitement - thank you very much ;-) I dare say the rest of us feel the same too.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

My same thoughts buddy!

Here's an interesting incident that happened at Wipr0.
A friend of mine working in Sun had applied for the post of Java professional in Wip. He was exceptionally good and was rated excellent in all the qualitfying rounds. But finally he wasnt given the offer.
Since I had referred this guy, I asked the HR why it happened so.
The reply was curt "We dont want anyone from the 2001 batch"

We are already the JINXED batch!


ubergeek said...

Jesus H Christ !!! I can't believe that !!! I've heard of sexual discrimintation, reverse discrimination, affirmative action, the old boys' network and thought i had seen them all. Dubbing a whole batch as jinxed by Corporates is quite something else though ! Is it superstition or are they behaving like the atheist who prayed just because he didn't want to take any chances ;-)

Anonymous said...

:) Dint get that part abt: u knowin' dat Wipro-was-urs based on the i'viewer's xpressions :D

U mean u were even prettier then? :D
Ufff, jannath!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


I know scores of ppl who, during the recession blamed their idleness on the market & tough luck.....

It takes lot of guts & tremendous confidence for an engineer (and a REC grad @ that) to say "Can I help you with your Home Loan"

Way to go lady......