Thursday, August 12, 2004


...............of all kinds!

To start with it was the much awaited SCON -Students Council- Election fever. The tension was pretty apparent on the campus well before the election day. Much lobbying and grouping and backbiting was going on. Some mysterious force made lots of aspiring candidates to withdraw their nominations days before the election. Being in the least affected C hostel I have only hearsay of these happenings. But it was in the mistaking that.

There was no visible campaigning happening in the campus before the election day. But things changed drastically on the election day.
Bansal...they way you haunted me with your 'Vote for Lal' propoganda!

The election process was well planned out by the senior SCON members....though they were a bit lost when asked what was the strategy if there was a tie in the results! (the blank expression on their faces is something that was pretty amusing to watch!). But all in all it was coordinated and carried out well. For once there were not many PJs or bekaar questions...though were enough double meaning questions.

10 candidates for the post of 4. Out which I'd say only a few were actually visible in the batch! (or is it just me?!) Each of them had their 7-9 minutes of fame....fielding all sorts of questions. Was interesting watching the dynamics of the batch.
There were some highly popular candidates who had their own cheering team. Most of them gave their best shot at selling themselves. Some went on to talk about their past achievements, some into their strong agenda if they win, some got senti, some tried to make the audiance senti, some had only a few words to say and left it all to their faith in themselves and the batch.

The results were not very surprising. 3 who I thought would win, actually won. The exit polls were pretty accurate too. Now we are waiting for the elected members to live upto their promises.

Rohit Motu Gupta....are you listening? I can't see the ppts in the public folder yet!

Well there's always the reelction! :P

Bottomline after the SCON election "Actions speak louder than words".


The next fever is the Marketing project midpoint assessment.

Everyone has just one thing on their to face Dr.Panda?!
There are so many people who come to me and ask me to help them out cause everyone thinks that I am the 'chosen one' from our batch. I am just as helpless as they are!
I wish I could help each one of them! sigh!

My project assessment on P&G is also tomorrow and me too a teeny weeny little bit tensed about the same..…………………....well what am I trying to hide!..........That's one of my BIGGEST WORRIES right now! Right next to ******* and ________

Hoping that Dr. P is in a good mood tomorrow!

Next fever is my very own fever. Or is it a pseudo fever? Been three days since it's been on and off....and Mr.Murphy couldn't have been right on target with the Midterm Test Fever high on the campus! Have been saying “Om Crocinaaya namaha” three times a day after food.

Leave me alone you imbecile Viruses!

Please note plural of Virus is Viruses and not Virii.


ubergeek said...

I've never been able 2 understand y people vie for jobs like College Secretary or Arts Club Chairman or some equally thankless job! I've had friends who have parted ways over elections - each claiming that the other deserted his principles and behaved opporunistically. Surprised 2 c such goings on in a group that is supposedly 'mature'!

"Thats one of my BIGGEST WORRIES right now! Right next to ******* and ________ " ??? Would love to know what these are! A wild guess says that '*******' stands for midterms. Do i win a coconut? __________ is beyond even me!

Hope that u recover from ur mystery fever soon and best of luck selling Soap (or is it detergent?) ;-)

ubergeek, the

Anonymous said...

Hope u feelin' better now - Hardwork never killed neone..but why take the risk..chill n tc !!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hey buddies! Thanks for the wishes!

Am back in action now :)