Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Let the pictures speak..........

............for themselves.

Due to Popular demand and my selfishness not to lose my regular readers, here I am again. (Didn't know so many people started their day with a dekho at the GWBE corner! What an honour!)

Scarcity of time and one of my mood swings in progress. Don't feel like writing much. Thought I'll make it easier for me and make this a photo blog.

So sit back and enjoy the show.

Freshers Party 31 July 2004 We the PGP1
All set at the Freshers Party on Saturday Night at Taj, where the food was worse off than the IIMK mess food but spirits were at an all time high!
(pun intended!)
Half the batch was puking at the end of it!

Koyi kahe kehta rahe........I had so much fun doing this!

The play which ended up being impromptu! Thank God nobody had rotten tomatoes with them! :P

Kudos to Nitai for showing so much perseverance.

How can something happen on Calicut without the gay touch?
Yash, the gay man with Malini.
You guys did a really good job running the entire show.

The bongs hit it.

"Sandy, once more please!"

"Kanav......shall i show this to your mom?
This and the 'other' pic? ;)"

The best part of the entire night! Non stop dancing for 4 hours!

WatchWomen in the library.

Sho-n-de-pon in his teddy bear kurta :)

Masti in class

Rainbow at IIMK

Chai time

Dance practice

All dancers

How many assignments more to get an MBA? :(

Doing what I do the best in class.


I am so tired. I would do anything to have just one more hour of sleep :(

Have loads of tests coming up.

Wish me luck friends!


Anonymous said...


Good 2 c u back in action! I think i speak 4 the crowd when i say "We missed u!" ;-)

I think i'm sorry i missed the dance - which looked like it was the best thing that happened during the freshers' party! Anybody up 4 a rave sometime? We just need about 3000 people ;-)

Best of luck 4 the tests ! Just wait till 2nd year when the mid-terms r the best part of the term! It is like a holiday - no classes - just 1 or 2 exams in the space of 3-4 days! After 3 terms of going thru 2 exams a day, it'll feel fab!

Best of luck 4 the tests !


Anonymous said...

Wail wail wail - jes putting up snaps n hiding behind excuses which went out of fashion in the 70s (mood swings..ahem) is SIMBLY NOT DONE, GWBE... Neway sthg is better than nthg :-)

Two small pointers
# R was being very nice but pls dont include me as part of his "we" :D

# Whoever took most of the snaps has a very bright future awaiting him/her as Mani Ratnam's camerman - the shots are all mostly dark and conceal more than they reveal :P That rainbow shot... wah wah wah :P

N of course, all de best for ur open book tests :-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Who IS this Wail baby!?purely FYI....most of the pictures were taken using T610 cameraphone, so I am pretty happy with the way they are!

Thanks for the wishes R and Anon! Maybe if they go well, i'll be motivated to churn in a long post!

And today is already looking up! Look at the site meter! It touched 1000 today!

<--Clap clap clap!-->


I'll be back (whenever I feel like) :P

Anonymous said...

Oh yaaa... everytime one F5s the page, sitemeter count goes up by ONE so its no wonder the figure reads 1000. I used to refresh once in 5 mts like a fool (I DIDN'T SAY THAT) during days when there were no posts..So u kind owe me 47 masala dosas at wherever :-)

T610 - hehehehehe - Sony Ericsson - hehehehehehehhehehehehehe ! Nokia rox! Now u know who i am :-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Every 5 minutes? :)
i have never been that desperate in my life!!!!

and hey i know so many DASHs who cling to only nokias!

keep clinging on to your dabba mobiles.....yeah Nokia Rocks...at the rock bottom!

Anonymous said...

Desperate - u cudn't have been more on target - but desperate not for UR LOOOOOOONG posts :-P That was one day when the mail server crashed at a company where a lot of my daily email repsondents work :-) N my boss was away in Germany and i had no motivation to work... Cmon, U must have been-there-done-this-a-million-times so dont u dare sneer at me ...Grrrr.

I will NOT ask wot a DASH means..Tis bound to be insultin' n i wanna be goaded into a silly fight..After all, the whole world knows Nokia is the best.. Sony wot ??????

:-) XD X)