Saturday, August 14, 2004

The most beautiful sight.'s not my reflection on the mirror :P

Something I am sure others will also agree to :)

In all its glory.

Have you seen rain? No, I dont mean the usual rain you see out of your window, nor the one that hits you just when you thought the weather was perfect for a walk.....this is rain in all its glory!

6 of us, were standing in the open corridors of the faculty block waiting to meet Dr. Panda about our Marketing Research Project. What do we do here at K when we have some time on our hands and we are not lazing around in the canteen? Look at the greenery around and talk about how beautiful Kerala is. A fav topic especially among all the northies here.

So we were yapping away as usual and looking at those long line of hills (doesn't it look like an elephant procession? hmmm a long line of green elephants!!) and the mist slowly descending on a far away hill.
Mist at 2:45pm? That was a bit unusual. We have seen mist descending on our campus say around 2-3am...but not in the afternoon!

First it looked as if the mist was just descending on the faraway hill....but then it was moving towards us too....and that too very very rapidly. Too rapidly for fog/mist to move! Something like a rick going at the rate of 100kph and that too uphill! Then we realised it was not mist at was something else.

It was actually huge sheets of rain moving in formation towards our hill....and there we were, a bunch of kids watching it with mouths wide open. The sight was so mesmerising that all of us forgot to move away when it actually reached the IIMK hill and hit us all right in our open mouths!

There you have! The most beautiful sight! One of those moments when you feel happy to be alive and have such a beautiful life.

I keep finding more and more reasons to like this place each day. Today, I have one more to add to the list.
Beautiful Rain :)

Wish I was a camera sometimes,
So I could take a picture with my mind.
Put it in a frame for you to see,
How beautiful you really are to me.

Ugly - Bon jovi


ubergeek said...

Rain usually brings 2 my mind a Madonna song that i used 2 listen 2 back in school that is, not surprisingly, titled "Rain" ;-) Hv u hrd of the stuck song syndrome - where u keep hearing some tune inside ur head all day long? It is a bit like that.

I used 2 hate the rainy season as a kid because rain meant no outdoor games 4 the day - no badminton, no cricket - just play monopoly or scrabble or some other board game :-( The 1st time i appreciated rain was after i grew up!

I am not sure if there is a murphy's law that goes "It rains only on those days u leave ur umbrella at home". If there isn't, then there ought 2 b! For all my appreciation of its beauty, i sure don't appreciate it when i am caught out in it!

ubergeek, the

P.S: I've always found a selfdeprecating literary style appealing. Like what u try doing on those lines!

P.P.S: Hoping that this statement doesn't cause u 2 change ur style, allow me 2 say that i'm sure that there would be some dissenters 2 ur 1st statement.
maybe u ought 2 run a poll ;-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

'stuck song syndrome' :)

I dint know there was a term for this!!! and you bet i get this syndrome almost everyday. Like yesterday it was 'Ugly'.

running a poll? hmm thats a nice idea....but maybe i'll choose some other interesting topics!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd...Oh my gawddddddd....Omigod..After reading the comments section, i actually forgot what i was abt to comment :-)

ubergeek said...

There is not just a name 4 this, but there is also a cure ;-) - smell cinnamon ! I'm not kidding ! And the worst part of the stuck-song-syndrome is that it may not even be sthng ui like! I always try play my fave songs just b4 i step out into the big bad world ;-) hoping that if sthng gets stuck, at least it is sthng i like!

Bon Jovi had some really good songs back when we were in school. But i'm not a big fan any more. And anyway he was infinitely more popular among girls than guys ;-) U still listen 2 Bon Jovi? Is it sheer nostalgia? There r some days when i listen 2 stuff that i used 2 listen 2 way back just 2 remind me of those days... the long lazy holidays when all u had 2 do was kill time. The big decision of the day was whether 2 curl up with a book or catch a movie. Things have changed. Not sure if it is 4 the better either!But then again, at that time, all i wanted 2 do was grow up fast!

ubergeek, the