Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My silver lining

I am connected. Finally.

No...my laptop is not back yet. But got a spare one (yeah!!! there's a person here with spare laptop) from a friend.

God Bless you Yash!


ps: Hope this can be considered as a long n juicy post :)


Anonymous said...

i ve seen friends having a spare pen/eraser/pencil or in rare cases a calci
first time i am hearing about a spare Laptop ..
dear god... where are you leading these brainees to ???
please teach them inventory/resource mgmt soon


ubergeek said...

Anon - Amen to that ;-) Never knew people to have spare comps - i've even heard of spare cellphones, but a laptop is heights of redundancy (unless u r a real plutocrat, or even then!)

ubergeek, the