Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Pens and Electronic goods :(

They don't seem to like me. All my pens seem to be having a great time ditching me when I need them the most. I have lost my 11th pen today!!!!

Enough is enough!

Have a taken a resolution! Will not buy any more pens.

Will borrow them :)
(people who sit next to me in class...beware. you have one more reason other than Mr.Panda to think twice before sitting there!)

How about the electronic goods?

First it was my brand new laptop. Sigh! It's been a month and it's still at the workshop.
Would definitely say that the SCM of Toshiba doesn't seem to be very good in Inda. Getting an LCD replaced takes more than a month!

Then it was my oh-so-sleek-and-the-thinnest-and-stylish calci! People were admiring it so much the day I took it to class and I too, was happily showing it off. The very next day, while I was carrying it, it slipped and fell down and here too...the LCD is gone!
Was a gift from dad that I cherished so much :(
Hope I can get it fixed!
Had to come down to earth and had to buy an ordinary bulky (but rough and tough) calci.

Daddykins, life is so tough at times :P ( I am sure Veronica would have said this!)

Then the mother of all tragedies!

My pyara cellphone! (or is it pyari cellphone? hey frens, is cellphone male or female? :P)
My just-4-months-old Sony ericsson baby!
Dropped it too and it died promptly...without even saying a bye! Those 10 minutes were
hard-to-accept-reality for me. I was sitting in the IT class and cajoling it to resurrect. All my contacts were in there and without the address book I would be as lost as a girl in a Mech batch of any engg college! And it's almost brand new! Something I had bought after so much of reseach and window shopping! (pkt would know how much!) And its gone now.
And then it happens! Reddy touches it once and voila! It's back in action!
Phew! Thank god for that.
Is it Midas Touch or is it Reddy touch? :)

Latest! My Canon Powershot :(
The biggest investment I have ever made till now (other than the lappie and the IIMK fees
of course!) It goes, it doesn't go Kaput. It just decides to be in 'Attention' mode from then onwards.
(Haven't you played the game 'Stautue' or 'Attention' where if someone points at you and says 'Statue' you HAVE to freeze in whatever posture/expression you had at that moment! It's a great game to play when you have almost 20 cousins vacationing in your house. So many statues in all wierd postures possible!)
And Canon digicam decided to play that game with me. While I was taking a photo, it just froze and has managed to hold the posture perfectly till now.

What next?

I guess I don't have any more electronic goods with me. Thank god for that.

And don't come near me if you value any of your transistors. I am jinxed!


Anonymous said...

This post simblee made my day Ms. Butter-Fingers :-))))))

Since GWBE is on record saying she has no problems taking aNything from anyone.. Heres sthg to ponder over..

Pyaaa ho ya pyaariiii
Sony Ericsson waalon ki tho lag gayiiiii
ROFL...I would have dearly loved to smirk and say "TOLD YOU SO" but for Reddygaaru :-(

This thing abt pens.. I can totally totally relate yaar.. I started off with good Rs 40-50 pens - lost half a dozen, traded down to Rs 5 Reynolds but still kept missing them..Then got down to using pencils for class notes and pens only for tests.. even that didnt work coz by end of trime my pencil notes hardly made sense to me..Final solution: got a very close friend to gift me an obscenely expensive pen and then held on to it for dear life..Only one of my roomies even got to touch it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the resolution should be...

"Thou shall not byuy consumer electronics!!!"

We are all hoping that as long as you have good support from Customer Care @ Hughes... electronic problems should be resolved (sooner or later!)

Yash Sehgal

Anonymous said...

humidity ..pal... humidity is the fiercest enemy of electronics .. and in a place like yours and that too in monsoons you need to take extra care .i ruined my 20K canon SLR just because of this..
. buy some silica gel and marry it with all of them ..


Vince said...

lol...what a post :))

Girl With Big Eyes said...


now that I have put these things behind me, I can laugh at them with a light heart!

Vince said...