Monday, August 30, 2004

Some happenings and non-happenings

Feeling very lonely today.

One of those feelings which I both love and hate. Hope to wake up with a better feeling tomorrow.

Long time since I have written something. So many happenings....I was waiting for a day like this to sit down quietly for sometime and write away.
But then lady luck is never with me. The spare laptop that I got like a boon is not with me anymore. The hard drive got corrupted!!!!!! Yes!!! Within 2 days :(
Yash, I swear it wasn't me!

And my Toshiba lappie in blore seems to have no intention of coming to me anytime soon. The LCD arrived from singapore with lots of hullabulla......only to find out that it didn't fit my model &*%*@^%
Now I have to wait another lightyear for the correct model (hopefully) to arrive from Singapore. I have a good mind to call up the Toshiba office and let them know what I think of them....but then have been stopping myself.
Folks.....take care of your supply chain please!

Another Onam passes by. This is the first Onam during which I didn't go to the temple, wasn't at home, didn't make a pookkalam (flower carpet) in front of my house, didn't have an onam sadya, didn't even realise that it was Onam!!!!
My Onam day was limited to the IT seminar, a quick dekho at the huge Pookkalam at the reception(while running off to send the press release) and the Onam forwards I got through mails and some Onam wishes from my classmates whose immediate next utterance was 'So when's the Onam treat!?'

Onam Pookkalam

I seem to miss all the occasions when all my cousins get together at home and I am just 3 hours away from home but unable to go. Been so long since I have seen some of them who stay so close to my house! :(
Don't rub it in guys......Enjoy out there, but dont tell me about it!

This is not doing any good to my mood!
Let me write something about what has been happening here at K the last 2 weeks.

My first assignment as a member of Media Cell : The Foundation Day of IIMK. We get to know that there is such a function just on the previous day and the pressure to get the event covered by the media was huge. (Wonder why the college keeps such an important day such a big secret!)

ONGC Chairman, Mr. Subir Raha was the Chief guest. This must be one of the very few speeches I have actually listened to with complete concentration. The main motivation was that I had to write a Press Release about it later in the day! :)

Mr. Raha talked about some of the management issues facing the country and how it could be tackled at least in a small scale by each one of us. He concluded by connecting it with neurons singing together. (or was it dancing together!) Everyone found that very inspiring and lots of people were quite impressed by it, but I was struggling to control my smile at that moment.

Just imagine a thousand neurons lined up wearing Tuxedoes and gowns and dancing in sync :)
Anyways point noted Mr. Raha!

The afternoon was spent writing down the Press release and sending it across to various newspapers. Boy it was a great feeling to see what I had written, in print in Hindu the next morning :)
(Yeah I know its a very small thing, even my name wasn't in it, but then sometimes such small things are enough to make my day!)

Reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip, where C&H have one wish each and they have to decide what they want
Calvin: "I'd ask for a million dollars" (or something like that)
Hobbes: "I want a Tuna sandwich."
Calvin: "Hey doofus! Why do you want to waste your wish on something like a sandwich!?"
(They get inside the house and go for breakfast. And of course it's tuna sandwich for breakfast.)
Hobbes: "Atleast my wish came true."

Sometimes comics is not just comics right? :)

Next big event at K was the visit by 5 students and 1 faculty (who could very well pass of as a student if she could only conceal those eyebags) from Lahore University of Management Studies, Pakistan or more popularly known as LUMS.
Well, I went with Rohit motu to receive them at the station and guess what Mr.Murphy strikes again and we end up pushing the bike right from Malabar Palace to the workshop somewhere far far away. Once again realised that Calicut is still not a safe place for girls if they are not wearing a burkha. God, please punish all those roadside romoes. Take away their hormones so that they don't ever do all these shameful acts again.

So me and Motu had to rush back to K sans the bike, in a local bus. Bus ride in calicut after 3 years. It's something like a rollercoaster ride. Only without any safety :)
Had nice fun going through old memories while munching on yummy flavoured peanuts.

The Pak team stayed in the girls hostel, but then they were almost always escorted by the SCON members. Not even once were they by themselves. I don't know what they felt about it but then the SCON(you-know-who!!!) seemed to be really enjoying it!
I am really happy the Pak team visited us, it lead to lots of cultural programs being conducted on that weekend, which otherwise would have been never conducted.
The first one was the awesome Kathakali performance. People may say that it's the Visual that stimulates them. But for me its the sound that hits the most! Same effect as the famous 'Panchavadyam' of Thrissur Pooram. I even have an audio tape of that :)

Pak team with the Kathakali artist.

The music that accompanied the kathakali performance was so full of energy that I actually lost my headache and felt so fresh after the performance. The dancers performed really well. So did the singers. But then I was a little disappointed to find that Kathakali has become so commmercialised these days. So much of humour was injected into the show so that people would enjoy even if they didn't understand the nuances of the story being enacted. But then I guess it's a tradeoff that would get them more audiance and more reachability. But should we do it at the cost of cannibalising an ancient art form?

The great show!

Then came the WWF style Kalaripayattu. My friends here who had seen this art form only in the Jiya chale song from Dil se or in a Chyavanprash ad by Ganguly were dumbstruck to see the nifty manoeuvres. Some were actually scandalised by it. Malini was finding it hard to look at all those dangerous action stunts with a calm face. It was a great show. It seems they had even contributed to the action scenes in one of the Jackie Chan movies!!!!! The way they are marketing all the ancient art forms.......mallus are really enterprising. They know a Cash cow when they see one :)

Kalaripyattu.....All brawn!

Just a small message to the Pak team "It was great having you here. But next time don't forget to bring some guys too!"

Next event................The IT Seminar. It was a huge success. Great coordination by the entire team.
Everything worked like clockwork .....almost!
I was very much looking forward to this seminar since it was about the industry I come from. But then I was always preoccupied with the Press Release I would have to prepare by the end of the day. I was straining my ears for any catch phrases that I could add in the article. This is in addition to the chore of calling up all those Newspapers and TV people and getting them to cover the event. I realised that Media Cell work was not child's play. I hadn't realised that there was so much of responsibility and pressure on the role. Luckily lots of good souls volunteered to help me out in preparing the Press release on time. Special thanks to Nitai and Kanika.

AIMS Day 1

Though there were 7 speakers getting their point across during the seminar, the 3 people who really stood out were Mr. Ramkumar Ramamurthy from CTS, Ms. Sangita Singh from Wipro and Mr. Sam Iyengar from ITSMA. All of them stalwarts in the Marketing functions of the companies they represented.
Mr. Ramkumar stood out for the rapport he meticulously built up among the students during the seminar and then later at the canteen. But the I found it a bit strange that he actually wanted to have a look at what we had written about him in the Press release before it was published.
Ms. Sangita Singh was the most charming of them all and she had eveyone floored first by her simplicity and then by her down-to-earth-non-global presentation. Unlike other speakers who chose to speak about the future she decided to go an a flashback to the day she joined WT as the marketing head and what happened after that. She talked about how brand difference is what matters more than brand awareness. She also talked about the Internal marketing and Andy Wright and the Six sigma initiative happening in Wipro. Hats off to her for being the only female speaker in such a male dominated field and for building a great rapport with the audience right from the beginning!

Well she asked me whether I would be joining back in Wipro and then later on when we said goodbye she brought it up again!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Mr. Sam stole the show with his charisma and panache. Undoubtedly he was the most stylish and handsomest of them all :)
His talk was quite impressive too. He mainly emphasized on the transition from Tactical marketing to Strategic marketing and also about the role of Innovation.

Also got an oppurtunity to have dinner with these bigwigs at the Taj! My first Power dinner! :)

IT Seminar ariel view :)

The second day of the seminar saw an interesting Panel discussion on Brand India. But unfortunately, I slept through most of it even though I wanted to listen to what they had to say.
Some things in life cannot be controlled.
For everything else there's SCON :)
Just kidding guys! :)

The IT seminar ended with a much awaited Rock show on the harvard steps by the rock bands Leolads and Evergreen. It really rocked. Though I was a bit moody and was not in the head banging mood, the cool breeze and the rock music did wonders to lift my spirits.

And oh yes! We got those much awaited IIMK Tshirts. Check us out flaunting them!

Proud to be IIMK-ites!

Today some of my ex-colleagues at Wipro landed at UK, courtesy a giant called iGMS NGT. Somewhere in a parallel universe a Priya also would have landed at Birmingham with a Pressure cooker in her suitcase and lots of dreams in her head.
Just one message to her "Do send me some chocs and those picture postcards!"

Joke of the day : Ever wondered what is P&A way..... :)
Courtesy: Sumit.

Now thats Innovation :)


Sathish said...

Great post! It took me solid 10 mins to read the entire post and know what? I dont agree to these points..He he

*Pak team having more guys in the next visit :)
*Sangita Singh's presentation - I felt she was 'acting' and wasn't her natural self.
*Sam stole the show? I think Sam stole you. :) His shortening of a nice tamil "Sampath" name to Sam wasn't cute at all.

And yeah, Belated Onam wishes. :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hey satish,

good to see you in here and thanks for the wishes!

About Sangita Singh, like ubergeek pointed out, maybe I was a little biased. Yeah, its true that she wasnt entirely natural, i too felt that she was delivering a mugged up speech at some points. But then she stole the audiance!

And i was escorting her before and after the speech and she was one real simple down-to-earth woman.

And I dint know it was Sampath Iyengar!! Whats in a name anyway as long as you are handsome :)

Anonymous said...

I was searching for Pookkalam pictures in Google and landed in your page. nice blogs keep up the good work...