Thursday, August 19, 2004

Thank You!!!! all those who supported me during the election yesterday and made me win!

Just one more thing to say "You have great taste" heh heh heh :)

Jokes apart, the elections for all students commitees were held yesterday evening without much dhoom dhaam...but have to say the enthusiasm of the batch was at it's peak! All candidates were cheered without fail and I have to say the enthusiasm and energy was infectious!

Am elected in the MediaCell commitee. It is the link between IIMK and the rest of the world. Good PR is the most important factor for IIMK right now. Increase the visibililty. Gain a good foothold among the old and established IIMs.
It's going to be interesting work.

End of Midterms.......
This week was one hectic week we've had after coming here. Mainly due to the Midterms and with 2 'Global' subjects being tested on the same day, it was more of a memory/creativity test.
Well I too contributed my bit to the much so that my right hand is in a very bad shape now. Havent written so much in the last 3 years!

How did the exams go?
Ok-ok. Some went pretty good. Some went pretty bad. Like the QM test we had yesterday. I just realised that I am as stupid as I was when I was in school. In school I used to do all the maths questions very properly right till the end. And when I have to write the last answer and do the double undeline....I would screw up there. If my answer is 457, I would happily write 598. Not even the same digits dammit! And I did that in QM yesterday and am I glad to be back in shape :)

And 3 years of not watching TV had an adverse effect in my Marketing paper.
No TV.................No advertisements
No advertisements.....No Brands
No Brands.............No positioning
No positioning..........No marks in marketing :(
We were asked to write about the positioning of some popular and not so popular brands (what the hell was Revital!) based on their ads. I was doomed. Had no idea what was the Ad for Mortein! :(

But then I try to use all my creative juices and filled up enough of the sheets! If I get decent marks in Marketing it's because of any of these
1. ................ (everyone here@K knows what this is) Now I am fervently praying that its true!

2. My wild guesses were actually correct. (But then I didn't try to cook up stories about Revital like others did. Some of the guesses were Instant Starch, Cooking oil, Shampoo!

3. Noone reads the answersheets! They weigh them :)

4. I am good at 'Global'. I can actaully psyche the prof into giving me great marks whether my answer is correct or not!

5. I am actually having a good phase according to my Kundali or jathakam. (My mom keeps telling me this)! Let me see the marks I get Mom!


The mood in the campus is very upbeat right now. Everyone looks happy and peaceful. I guess its the calmness after the storm!
But then ugly things have started poking their heads slowly......project meetings, case studies, surprise quizzes, class at 8am....some things in life dont change.
But then I am thankful for many of them like..........the bday parties we celebrate religiously, the enjoyable group meetings, (SG, I have that D-style photo of yours with me! Be good to me, or else it will be put in public! That photo along with that comment yours was a riot!), the midnight coffebreak in the canteen, the saturday night parties, the silence in the library, and most of all, the wonderful people here!

Another highlight of this week is going to the student group from Lahore University who will be visiting our campus this weekend. I am sure they will be bowled over by the beauty of our campus!
(cant take my eyes off from the beeeeaaaauuuutifuuuul view today! How is someone expected to study in such a romantic setting? :P)
But then its more important that we show to them how good our college and students are too.
Heard that there are lots of interesting events lined up. Its a suspense till now. Motu
Rohit is not disclosing what they are!
Anyways I am sure they are gonna be J when they come to K.
MediaCell..................Here i come!


Prithesh said...

Congratulations on winning GWBE :-)

ubergeek said...

Life at an IIM is exciting, fun, stressful and a whole lot of other things. And I am sure that anybody who goes through the grind won't forget it. It will remain the best part of our lives for years to come.

But i wouldn't view everything with rose-tinted glasses as u r wont to do. From what i heard, elections at K this time were bitterly fought, quite unlike last year, when nobody was bitter about losing. I look at both sides, i think u lok at just the bright side of things. Is it that u don't see the other side, or r u intentionally blinding urself to it?

Congrats on surviving half of term 1! It is said that if u survive term 1, you've survived the course! So i guess u r entitled 2 say that u've survived half the course ;-)

ubergeek, the

Anonymous said...

Josef Stalin once said "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."

So how was it, GWBE ? Ayes and Nays or Secret Ballot :D

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks for the wishes Prithesh.

Are'nt elections supposed to be fought bitterly? Otherwise whats the fun? If people dont care whether they win or lose then whats the purpose that drove them to stand for the post anyways? But then there maybe very few people who are really bitter that they werent chosen.
Dont you see that pgp08 is still going strong without any issues? :)
I think the majority of the batch has good focus on why they are here and for those people it would be more about spending each second of these 2 years as usefully and as momorably as possible.
Elections were just another 'non-academic' activity for us!(or maybe i should say 'for me' rather than putting words in other people's mouth)

Boy! am i glad that 1st term is almost over!!!!Am
waiting for the supposed to be more 'loose' terms!

I think i'll send this qoute across to our SCON :)

na....i trust them.

ubergeek said...

well gwbe,

we do seem 2 have a knack of getting under each other's skin ;-)

i can c u were royally pissed off - u even misspelt my name as uberGreek!

if pgp08 is getting along well, more power 2 u ! let peace reign.

ubergeek, the

Girl With Big Eyes said...


No hard feelings at all buddy!

Anonymous said...

"If people dont care whether they win or lose then whats the purpose that drove them to stand for the post anyways?"You sure you meant this ? Coz i always thought ppl stood for posts to serve others and not to prove sthg to themselves.. Gettin' the drift ? ok ok i jes wanted to get into ur skin too :-))Thats the least i ask of a powerful MediCell rep..

N i forgot to say Congrats :-) Now be a good gal and get me the email id of those hottt Paki chicks on ur campus :-p

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi J,

What do i get if i give the numbers?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. I'm always wary of making sweeping statements like i'd do anything to get their contacts but in this case, i think i'll come pretty close to it.. But pehle jhoothe phir paise ;) Saw their snaps in the Hindu and cudn't recognise the students from the lone faculty :-p


Anonymous said...

1 more day and it'll be a week
Since GWBE became a geek
Have taken the bait
Am hating this wait
A juicy long post is all i seek