Sunday, September 26, 2004

Gudiya's decision

So much of talk going on about the triangle between Gudiya, Arif and Taufeeq. The highlight is that the solution to this problem was that it was taken in front of the whole of India, in a TV studio!!!!

There have been reports about how innovative this method is and how India is getting modernised.

But was just wondering what would have been going through Gudiya's mind, when the flashlights' glare was on her, so many people watching her during her emotional turmoil, pressures from both sides of the family.......

Did she actually take the decision she wanted to take?

Like Prem Chowdhary said on NDTV, Indians, (and definitely women from rural North Indian) are not ready for an Oprah Winfrey kind of a thing to talk about their problems. Our society is used to keeping things inside the family and putting Society first before taking any decision. The first thing that would come into anyone's mind (by anyone i mean 'almost anyone') would be 'What would others think!!!'

Things got more complicated with the first husband deciding that he wants only the wife and not the child growing inside her and a village council's opinion that a Muslim woman's second marriage is void.

Wonder whether her decision to go with Arif, was hers own, or her parents' or her villagers' or the TV host's.

Am sure Zee earned high ratings because of this issue and obvisouly they were not ready to share the 'scoop' with other channels.

Wonder why didn't Gudiya say NO to the media people? Of course who asked her permission first of all!!!!

Don't want to talk more about this. Lots have been talked and written about the issues of Women in India. I think we need more action than talk.
I hope atleast girls and boys of our generation make a difference. Posted by Hello

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Kraz Arkin said...


Halfway thru the article I almost feared you would make the most common and easy of mistakes - passing judgement. Good to see you didn't.