Thursday, September 02, 2004

How many more Pascals of this?

Pressure getting high at K :(

Not a single day passes by without me thinking that maybe I shouldn't have come here. In reality I don't feel that way. I am really glad I made it to K. But the pressure out here is something I wasnt ready for.

Everything is in such a big hurry, I feel that at the end of 2 years I'll feel as if something swooshed past me and I am back to square one.
A friend of mine tells me maybe that's the idea! Maybe they dont want us to learn's all just making us ready to take in the pressure of the corporate world. True?

Another friend of mine feels that there is enough time for everything.....maybe I should stay more in my room rather than spending so much time walking around and talking to people. But na...I can't cut down on that. Those are the moments that actually make life easier to cope with out here.

I took the advice of a wise old man ;) and decided to prioritise things. Results were not very good. I ended up not doing anything in my low priority list and now that molehill has become something like the Western ghats...stretching off to the horizon! Looks like I don't even know how to prioritise things :(

With 4-5 project submissions due (I lost count) the next three weeks don't paint a rosy picture.The only highlight is gonna be my parents and bro who will be visiting K on saturday. P&A wanted to meet them. Should I or should I not? I guess I'll leave it to my parents to decide...My mom is not exactly comfortable when she has to talk to a person who doesnt know either Mallu/Tamil.
On the contrary a friend tells me his mom reads ET and discusses it with him!
I still love you ma. Stay the same. And dont get nervous around me!!!!

Time for the MC class. I have never enjoyed any MC class till date, except the one where we had the roleplay and I was the aggressive Social activist. That was enjoyable.

Have got a long day today...class ends at 6...have project group meetings...MM case to be done for tomorrow. Party at 11.

Why does it have to be only 24 hours!!!


Anonymous said...

Liked your blog....jus like our daily lives , the only difference that its a different city and a different insti :)

Anonymous said...

Some old fart said "Put first things first" - uffff - of course everyone knows that.. its deciding wot is first (and how u came to that conclusion) that is difficult...So if the old man can tell you HOW to priotise that would make him wise :-)

Btw, meeting ppl is not everything.. it is the ONLY thing. Apologies to Vince Lombardi :-)