Saturday, September 11, 2004

RAM failing

Just discovered that I am a morning person!!!

Late discovery i should say.

Had a QM quiz yesterday. An expected Surprise quiz. Stayed up the whole night(well..almost) trying to understand it. I went happily to the class hoping that finally I was ready for a quiz and I start writing the test....lo! i dont rember a thing I studied the previous night.
That feeling of helplessness is to be experienced to realise how disgusting it feels.

This is not the lone incident where I have been forgetting things....So many incidents where I remembered the people but forgot their names! Had an embarrassing occasion once. Back at home in Trichur I happened to run into an old friend or maybe acquaintance would be more proper, from my school days at a cinema. We ended up chatting until the queue started moving. Everything went along fine until she suddenly asked me,

'Do you know my name!?'

I was silent.

Damn. I couldnt!!!

Never felt so ashamed of myself. Apologised to her...but it was evident that she was hurt. Of course her reasoning would be that since she remembered my name it's fair on her part to expect the same from me. She just walked away without saying anything else :( That hurt!
Even today I dont know what triggered her to ask that question. I am sure I didn't give her a clue that I dint know her name.....I myself didn't realise it until the question popped up!
Gosh!!!! Would you believe I've forgotten her name again!!!!!

If you are reading this buddy....please realise its not's just my RAM failing!

There are many more such occasions where I have sadly realised that my memory is actually deteriorating. But until yesterday I didn't realise that it has become so bad.

A friend of mine teases me saying that since I keep forgetting all the favours he has done for me, he plans on writing all of them down and sending it to me periodically so that things are back in place and I dont get a chance to forget!

Reminds me of the movie 50 first dates ;)

Got another Quiz today. Cant afford to forget everything in this one. So decided on changing the strategy. Slept half the night and got up early morning....even before the mist could make it to the top of our hill. Let me see how today's test goes.

But I am still worried about this.
It can't be Alzhiemer's at such a young age.....or can it?

Maybe I should get some professional help on this.


or maybe I should just try one of those Chyavanaprasams.


Anonymous said...

am ram, ur super-senior at K, and my review of K blogs had got me to yar page
then i saw Ram Failing
and this made me read on
good piece (and definetly not related to me)
keep up the good work

nithin said...

hi priya...
one almost damaged RAM for sale fom the UK.Will pay you for buying my RAM.But replacement needed urgently...LOL


Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi Nithin,

Good to see you in here.

Looks like there's no place discrimation for the damage....India or UK...its the same everywhere, is it?

anyways willhave a look at your RAM when u are home next.

and RAM,
welcome to my blog :)


Vijaychandran said...

hello preiya

my ram is good yaar , would u lik to get uses to it for a while as i am good with my frnds , ha hah

hellp priya its a very common phenomena for some season nothing to worry everything will come inpplace as u wished soon and no need to worry

take care vijay

Anonymous said...

Hulloa ? Is it Armageddon..............
Post kijiye