Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Random thoughts of a forced lazy mind

6 days of vacation gone by.....and 5 more days to go.

Well, I was busy all these 6 days, but no idea what I was busy doing!!!
Haven't done any of the things is my Must-to-do list yet.

This is the first time in 3 years that I am home for such a long stretch. It's great to have some time when you can actually sit and think whether you really wanna do something or not. Back in college, things are so rushed, there's no time even to think about it. It's just Just do it.

Some things I really like about being home..........
Didn't realise how much I was missing my cherry-red bean bag till the moment I happily slumped into it at home. It felt so good after those stupid plastic chairs at the hostel. And having a bean bag around is a good way to break the ice with someone you don't know much about. The child in most of the people comes out when they sit on a beanbag. :)

And it's a lot of fun when someone really really fat sits on a beanbag. It's really tough getting up.

One the moments I like very much at home is the time when I help out mom make rotis and the gossipping that goes on during the process. It's amazing that there's exactly enough gossip to go around till the last roti is made.
And again the next day!!!

Am becoming more and more horizontally challenged day by day, thanks to all the special cooking done by mom. Steamed sweet potatoes, ilaadai, pazhampori, kozhukkatta, puttu&kadala have been having a ball!!!! Must have been a sudden shock to my body after the 2-roti meals I was used to at K.

There's this mini elephant in our living room now. It's around 3 feet tall and is a complete replica of a real elephant. All made out of a single piece of wood. Someone gifted that to my dad and he is happy bragging about it to eveyone who comes to our house ;)
And I am happy that I got to sit on top of an elephant. Who cares if it isn't real. It would take more than just a pretty trunk to make me sit on top of a real one :P
Memories of an unfortunate incident from long back.

Of course, getting to see all the latest Mallu soaps is entertaining. Each of them with oh-so-bold women in them. If only they were real. At least life would have been so much more exciting.

I was watching a dance competition on TV the other day and would you believe that the competition category was 'Item numbers'. And the participants were being judged for their face, body and their moves!!!

The judge, none other than Goddess Malaika : 'I give you 7 for your face, 8 for your baady and 9 for your moves'.
What an interesting show!!
I wonder what they will come up with next. Maybe there would be an Item-number school offering diplomas (if there isn't one already).

Have been enjoying surprising people with my short-hair style. Well, nobody expected me to chop it so short. And there have been incidents where some of my close relatives actually walked past me mistaking me for a boy. Well, I dont know whether to be happy or sad about it.
But I am definitely happy that I don't have to fuss over hair anymore. Good riddance for two years. :)

An interesting commennt from my mom : "You should keep your hair long till we
marry you off. After that your hubby can decide about it."

Yeah right, I can just visualise the happy couple.

"Honey, can I please cut my toenails today? It's awfully long and I promise I won't cut it very short.":D

Mom!!!!! Don't join the MCP club please!!!!!

Life's really cool at home....but then I guess too much of something would also make it less enjoyable. Am kind of looking forward to going back to K.
Even though it's rape out there, it's enjoyable :P

At home, things have changed for me. Dont even have a single unmarried (girl) friend over here now. Either they are married or they are pregnant or both!!!

Don't know why, but once a girl is married, the time she spends talking to her bestfriend on phone decreases drastically. Well, with a typical Mallu husband, I won't be surprised. (no offense intended to all those not-so-typical mallus)

Watching TV is also not all that fun like it used to be. Get bored of channel surfing so soon. Half the channels are for those Hindi movie songs, which are not at all watchable these days. Can we please leave atleast a little to the imagination of the poor viewer.
Or maybe I should just stick to Rangoli.

Feeling very uneasy when I wake up each day without knowing what to do on that day. I wasn't like this before. Used to love those days when I didn't have anything to do the whole day other than laze around. Lazing around is something I don't think i'll ever enjoy again. Maybe it's just that I am not used to so much of free time and a sudden change is playing havoc with my mind. I guess I am thinking like the squirrel which tries to save as many nuts as possible for the winter. But na, I don't want to read anything related to studies this vacation. I would hate myself if I do that.
Then what do I do??!!
I am so aimless out here and I don't like it at all. Well, if after a term at K, this is my condition, I wonder how I will be after 2 years. Maybe I would become this nerd who doesn't even go back home during vacations or maybe I would get cured by then and it won't make a difference to me anymore.

Hope the long 5 left are more eventful and something exciting happens.
Things would have been so much better at home without the constraints of a small town and the constraints of being a girl.

Like SG says "Once you have tasted the freedom of living all by yourself in a city, it's really difficult to go back home with all its rules and regulations"

There are these friends of mine who are roaming around in Kerala on their bikes. How I would have loved to do something like that. The only parts of Kerala I have seen are my relatives' homes and the Athirampilly waterfall and a trip to Kanyakumari so looooong back that I am happy that I haven't forgotten it yet!!

Short hair doesnt come with all the liberties that guys are used to.


Anonymous said...

I guess most Indian moms have the same stance on their unmarried daughters' long hair. (it is diff if the daughter always had it short). Indian men are even more predictable, the matrimonial ads will testify to that "Wanted slim, tall, fair girl with long hair...(get a hair switch if u like long strands of keratin so much!). And I guess all the shampoo/hair oil commercials with the model tossing her glossy mane around and hooking an "eligible" male feed the fantasy further.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Matrimonail ads!!! :)

Reading them is a sure shot way to laugh the day off!

Kraz Arkin said...

Married or pregnant or both??? now that is a dicey statement - consider being unmarried and pregnant (that too with short hair in a small town). (:

Anonymous said...

Well everything in this world comes for a free lunches remember. Studying at a institute like IIMK with the hectic schedule trains you to become a machine who does not understand "leisure". Alas, u might never njoy lazing around again. btw, u know me. Take a guess and i will let u know if u got it right or not ;-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

how can i guess when u havent given me any clues :?

anyways i think its better that i dont guess ;)