Saturday, September 25, 2004

To Sirs, with love


That was what I utterred when I gave in the Eco paper and came out of the room....blissfully unaware of the book I had forgotten in the class!

The end term was more fun than anything else. Study whatever you can in whatever little time you have and pray while you take bath (cause all the other time your are busy trying to get something ino your head!).
The day we had 3 global tests was the most fun! like someone said, if you dont have a choice, better enjoy it!

Let me take it one by one...........

First day of end terms begins with a lot of hope and doubt.

First it was MM I, we all thot we knew what would be asked. we all believed so gullibly and again our faith in the world was shatterred when we saw the paper! :(
Mr. Kotler, can i download your book straight to my mind? No dial up please, i have an asianet connection :P

Then came QM....well all i can say is Thank you Sir. Will never forget it.

Then came the day when we had 3 tests in a row. All of them global stuff.
IT....again an unexpected one. But then i guess i have better chances of scoring more if its an objective paper rather than a subjective paper right? :)

STI....SGopal tells me he started writing the answers even before he saw the Qpaper :). Well, God bless Mr. Thakur. I feel a lil bit sorry that I dint attend all the classes. I swear if it was not for all those projects which made me stay awake most of the nights and compelled me to sleep during the afternoons, I would have been there in each one of your classes.
But dear sir, I think you would like to know that I am reading all those readings you gave us during this break!
Yessir i am!

OB.....Woh bhi!!! A looooooooooong paper. By the time I finshed this paper, I was half dead and half relieved.
Relieved that the goddamn day was about to end.

At the end of the day i had to actually apply iodex on my aching hand!! Wish they would make these tests online. Love to type....but hate to write.

The next day shined bright with the promise of Accounts! Anothoer looong paper, but I have to say that it was the paper I enjoyed the most. Made some silly mistakes, but then I was most satisfied with this one. I liked your classes, Dr. Broca.

The last but deifnitely not the least....MicroEconomics....there was nothing micro about the paper. another long one. But then a good paper. Enjoyed this one too.
This is another subject towhich I feel i havent done justice to the textbook. I dint know there was so much of economics all around us. When I read about the Statutory incidence and Economic incidence, and how even though some benefits are matched by the employer (like say PF), its actully the poor employee who pays it. I was shocked when I read it first and thought of all the PF payments i had made in the last three years, silently happy inside that someone else is contributing towards that too.

Looking back....what happened in these 3 months? Did i really learn something? Had a taste of all the subjects...but sadly, I can't say that I have given 100% to any of those. Had to compromise somewhere. and that was something I had decided not to do when I landed at K. With my experience at NITC, where studies was just a 1-day thing before the exam. No wonder I am lost when something comes up related to my Enggineering basics. I regret not having paid justice to all those subjects we were intended to learn.

The only thing I use nowadays which I learnt from NITC are the mallu swear words. The first time I heard them used (to address me, by a senior who was trying to rag me) I had no idea what it meant. Coming from an all girl's convent, this was new to me! And you bet, I picked it up real fast!

Heard today that a guy at IIM L committed suicide. Dont know whether it's the pressue. Someone told me he did it as a mockery.
But then I won't be surprised if it was the pressure. With a huge batch at L this year, things would have been really tough.

Just one thing nags me.


Why do they do this?

The profs very well know the pressure and still some of the profs were teaching us as if their's was the only subject we had to study. Well I hope they realise that not many us are getting into the thick of things this way. Yes, we know a lot of things now. But how deep? I'll leave it at that.

Pkt tells me, maybe thats the whole idea. They just want to put us under so much pressure that we can take whatever life will throw at us once we pass out. hmmmmmmmmmmm
Waiting for the pain to end. The freaking part is that I think what he says is right. The day we finished all our exams and were free to go home, most of us were feeling terribly uncomfortable without having anything to read or study for the next day!!!! I even had my usual 12'O clock coffee forgetting that I dint have to stay awake that night. I find it really difficult to sit and do nothing now. Something that I miss :(

Heck, whatever, Salaam to first term at K.

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