Friday, October 08, 2004

2 Fin or not

Sometimes even understanding English is tough.

Trying to make some sense out of some assigned reading for tomorrow.
In comes Corporate Finance, out goes my confidence.

As I read more and more, even the language started seeming alien. Hope I get the hang of it in this term itself.

Have a small feeling its something to do with the way its being given in the book; not very student friendly for someone who's new to finance and who didn't know what PV and BV were.


Kraz Arkin said...

So what are PV and BV...?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Pot-bellied vampire and bon-homie veganJust kidding :)

They are Present Value and Book Value.

Not as interesting as the the vampire and vegan, right?

Kraz Arkin said...

Nope. You've been blogrolled by the way and appear as the Girl With Big Eyes on Wreck Tangle - The coolest place to be on the net.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Oh! thats cool.