Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Get set go!!!! 2nd term at K

Back in K after the break. Good thing about being in an institution which has students from all over India is the foodies that everyone bring after the break. I had so many different types of sweets that my marginal utility has actually become negative. Tummy ache and a regret that I don't have a big enough tummy to accomodate so many yummy stuff.
Anyways long live Karachi biscuits. Can't have enough of them. Yum Yum drool drool
Thank you Swaroop for lugging it all the way from Hyd.

Second term at K is slowly kicking off. With summer placements round the corner things and all the business contests in the air, things are slowely snowballing. Second term has some interesting subjects and equally interesting professors and even more interesting quizzes and assignments. A quiz on ET articles and news items and a week-by-week financial update on a company and an economic analysis of far and distant countries and an accouting prof who wouldn't mind if we credited some dough to his account and a very vibrant OB professor promise for a very interesting term ahead.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

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