Sunday, October 17, 2004

Hope ---- Frustration ---- Desperation ----Self-pity ---- Anger ---- &%$&%$*^ ---- Helplessness ---- Relief

Went through all these in the last 2 days, until I finally got a summer project from a firm in Noida.
Now it's just a sense of relief and an excitement of getting a chance to go to north India. Have never gone anywere north-er than Bombay!
But then I have been advised by many of my well-wishers that it's gonna be scorching hot out there during summers. hmmmmmmmm

Summers was a mix of emotions and hilarious insights.

Yogesh shared his secret of curling his hair to look like a banker before apprearing for the selection process of a bank

Then there's the birthday luck of Neeta and Malini.

Kanav who blushed like a bride when he realised that HR was his passion.

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VV's lilac tie

Always branded Vishy, who was the cause of a fight between two leading IT companies

Saurabh, the Crap-man of our batch, who got selected in the zeroth slot itself, proving that 'Crap, it's only crap that matters!'

Raul who has promised unlimited candy for everyone.

Nallari, the consulting guy.

Abhijit, the ciggy chap.

Bops, who made a tough negotiation.

Nallur, who was selected even before he could say anything!
Same for Devroop!

Gagan, who gonna paint K a bright colour from his shadecard.

Shukla, who would be going back to his same desk.

Karfa, the fin grandfather of the batch.

Rahul Ranjan who is gonna be talking to a lot of truck drivers.

SGopal who was tired after the rapid fire round in the interview and who's going back to Pune

Bunty who's gonna be helping someone sell oil.

Shaunak who almost got the offer during the PPT itself.

Tarun who's gonna be with the biggest bank of India.

Summers is going great till now. Record no of people placed in just 3 days.
Hats off to the Placecomm team who are working so tirelessly for it. Their commitment and spirit is just awesome! Great show guys.

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