Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hot Summer Wave

Sports Meet ended on a sombre note.
With IIMB carrying away most of the points and we missing out on a close Cricket match and a questionable but pardoned Chess tournament, it was a big moment for us.

An interesting outcome of the Sports meet was the observations during the 'Saturday night party'. I thought it was just bengali women who had ncontrollable libidoes, but then bengali 'boys' seem to be catching up with them!!!
I know I am exaggerating by generalising this, but I just couldn't resist. :P

Summer wave is riding high on campus these days...With the process about to start there's nothing other than that on everyone's lips. Hope a good number of people get placed in the first leg itself.

Term2 pressure is slowly picking up....Groups have been made for each subject and the assignments and quizzes are on their way already. Well group formation is an
interesting subject. What with free riding on full swing there is a lot of hungama in the way groups are formed. Will write about it sometime later.

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