Tuesday, October 19, 2004


As every day goes by I get more and more confident that I am going to get majorly
screwed up in this term. The 20 hours I am awake each day seem to evaporate without leaving any trace behind. All the resolutions I made before this term have been promptly broken. Now that I think of it.....can't think of even a single resolution that I've stuck to till the end :(
I am already dreading December.

Yesterday night spent a lot of time with Kdio.

Well Kdio is K's apna radio (K's radio for the DUH)...live from 10PM to 4AM nonstop. Best part is the request process. Complete anonymity ensures that true feelings(!) really come out! Or it was made sure that those feelings were brought out by someone else. Me and Neeta were hooked on to it last night and couldn't stop once we started fooling around ;)

For all those in bangalore who feel sumg about the fact that that they have Radiocity and that nothing can beat it, here are some things to think about
- No advertisements in Kdio, 100% music
- Requests are actually played. No busy tone
- but, priority is given to songs dedicated to RJ :P
- No irritating RJs yapping away in Kannda
- power cuts don't cut out the music

I think I have made my point well enough.

Ciao for now.


Anonymous said...

Hey, how come Kdio is finding mention in all you people's blogs but no talk of the real sweet RJ, who has been slogging himself out to bring you some good music (at the cost of quizzes and assignments, too) :-))

neeta said...

Yeah, it sure rocks! But I am beginning to wonder if its some kind of conspiracy to get us all further away from our books than we already are!! But, it was too much fun to "request" songs from n for everyone :D.

BTW, after last night, I suggest you move "ENGLISH SONGS rule" outta ur list.

Kraz Arkin said...

With blog entries like this who would need advertising?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

well RJ, you are doing an absolutely great job! if there was something missing, dont you think i would have definitely mentioned that in my blog? :D
and comparing Kdio to Radiocity should give you a clue :)

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

hey i just ++ed your visitor count.. :)
great i'll hop in here once in a while to see what's going on in your life
btw, does anyone know you by 'piri' there? ;)
take care,

Girl With Big Eyes said...

hey a!
good to see you here....nobody knew me by piri here till now
thanks :)