Monday, November 08, 2004


Bumped into another one of my ol' fav sites. 20Q.

The site says "The program is very simple but its behavior is complex". I donno why but it sounds funny.

This AI program is a simulation of the Twenty Questions game (which I used to play almost always during those powercuts in the evenings in Kerala). I would have taught this program half of what it knows during my initial 'bench' days at Wipro :P

Check out 20Q here. One warning though, it is pretty addictive. Already spent around 1 hour trying to beat this program and I did teach it a thing and two :)

I must be crazy fooling around right in the middle of our Midterms. But then the first one (Cost Accounting) was a real walk in the park and I am hoping that the rest of them would follow the pattern. Like VV says, 'Anything that begins well, ends well'


nithin said...

mmmmmmm...very impressive..i did play many a times :-)
and still playing.
This game reminds me of Mr.Pradeep "Ashwamedham fame...and our Marketing proposal to organize an event for VAST (quiz) which was appreciated expecially by
DB sir,venu sir,KRB but never materialized.
hope u remember the quiz data base we made which later on went into recyclebin

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hey Nithin

good to see you in here!

Of course i remember our marketing 'strategy' with the 1 lakh funds 'allocated' to us :)

Too bad it never realised. But was a great experience though.

and hey I am still to visit that 'guru' near Kottapuram.

have a cool day!