Thursday, November 18, 2004


Feels real good having a strong coffee after watching the latest mallu flick

It's a Mammootty movie. This is one of the very few Mammootty movies that I would have compromised on to watch in big screen. Well, he is a good actor. But then I kind of don't like his movies...they tend to be quite serious or action oriented...or even if they aren't, he dominates the whole movie so much that it makes me sick!

So how did I end up going for BLACK?
Well actually I set out to watch a Mohanlal comedy flick called 'Mambazhakkalam' ....but Kerala State Govt decided that they need to have some service differentiation and had the second shows scheduled at 7:30pm rather than the usual 9:00pm, which these consumers were not aware of. So I had to make a choice between no movie or Mammootty movie.

On the spur of the moment I decided go for the bigger evil, and chose Black

Reached the cinema and balcony was Housefull! Tried to chat up the ticket guy and after a lot of prodding he said he had 2 tickets available. But there was a problem, the seats were set at 90 degrees from the screen. I would have to actually strain my neck to watch the movie....well he didn't say that in so many words.....he just said that the seat is at 'an angle' to the screen and we thought what difference does an angle long as it wasn't 180 degrees.......we bought the tickets. The show starts, we enter the hall and the gravity of the situation sinks in. There's no way we could have watched any movie in those seats. Wonder whose idea it was to put those seats there.

So we decide to watch the movie in 'thara'(first class). Ticket-counter-guy says he can't do anything about it but maybe the manager would be able to help us. We go to the manager and tell him about our problem. Would he please be a darling and demote our seats to FirstClass.
He says N-O, NO!. Distributor wouldn't agree..we'll have a loss of 50 bucks....u are too late...blah blah blah.
We say Please chetta... Perseverance finally won. He allowed us in. And we get to sit in the privileged front row :)
What a better place than this to watch an action packed movie!!!

Now some gyan about BLACK...
Cast: Mammootty, Rahman, Siddique, Shriya Reddy
Director: Ranjith
Producer: Lal

It is a story about 'Goondas' or the people who do not have proper identity or address but still form a part of life in the city. Shanmugham (Mammootty) is a money-lender and a police officer who doesn't wear khakhi and hardly goes to the Police station. And he has hajaar contacts in the right places. Rahman is the newly-joined SI who Mammootty has a soft spot for since he almost 'killed' Rahman's elder brother and that guy asks Mammootty to take care of his younger brother as his dying wish. Anandam (Shriya Reddy) is a Tamil girl whose iron-wala hubby is brutally killed by the police and finds solace in Shanmugham’s house as the little girl's friend. The little girl is the major (guessable) suspense in the story.

******People who want to see the movie don't read the next 2 paras********
The story starts off with action and continues with more action and ends with action + gore. No dearth for blood in this movie. As the movie proceeds, Rahman gets killed in a very dramatic or I can even say 'mind-blowing' scene by Siddique. That scene was full of panache and the monsoon rain really added to the dramatic effect. A local iron-wala is made the bakra and is charged for the murder. Poor thing dies after a lot of dishoom-dishoom by lots of well-fed pot-bellied and half naked police junta. In between there are the local pimps and the goondas leching at the iron-wala's wife, and the-trying-to-be-humorous-and-almost-succeeded accountant to add some spice into the story.

The next twist in the plot is when Mammootty realises that he has a duaghter in his old flame and that little girl is deaf and dumb. This makes him want to turn into a 'good' human being, that is something other than black. Get the connection now? He tries to reincarnate himself, but his already established gang don't agree to this and even goes to the extent of inviting 'quotations' (Goonda slang) for his murder. He realises they won't understand anything other than gun-talk and finishes each one of them smoothly and pushes off to Chennai with his brand-new-daughter and the iron-wala's wife (who I don't know whether will eventually be his wife or just a maid!)

Thats black!

Well I really enjoyed the movie. Not for the story....but for the way it's shot. Siddique, as usual, has done a terrific job. It was a pleasure watching him on screen. So was Rahman and his jhatkas :P
Maybe I like this movie so much because its been a long time since I watched a mallu movie and I would have liked anything mallu :P

Now that I seem to have started a trend, can't wait to watch the Mohanlal blockbuster Mambazhakkalam.

Wish these movies had subtitles......all my dear friends are missing out on all this fun and action!

Learnings from the evening and the movie

- Mammoootty wears brown, black and maroon lipsticks based on the scene.
Black for action scenes, brown for long dialogues or angry scenes and maroon for soft or romantic scenes :)

- I need to revise my mallu swear word vocabulary. Couldn't follow some of the dialogues which brought in great applause from the audiance.

- Action movies can be fun too.....especially if you are watching it from the 5th row from the front in thara....where you can actually make out which colour lipstick the hero is wearing and and also count the number of teeth fillings he has.

- Keralites...though not very good at customer service are slowly getting there. They just need to polish it a little bit. If it was in bangalore, the changing of tickets from balcony to first class wouldn't have been a problem. But then there wouldn't be such stupidly-positioned seats in the theatre in the first place.

- Some movies are better watched in the front row than the balcony. Like Manichithrathazhu, which got Shobana her National Award. Can't forget the 'Vidamatten' scene that almost made me pee in my skirt!

- Mallu movies desperately need some good-looking heroines.

- Mammootty looks just perfect in a Royal Enfield. Made for each other.

- Unlike Hindi movies, Mallu movies can be successful without a heroine and a dozen song and dance sequences.

- Once upon a time I had a crush on Rahman (the actor). He has become 10 times the man he was then...of course in size! :)

- My fav restaurant 'Rajadhani' is no more. Theres just a big vacuum in the place where it existed once majestically. Run by a Haajiyaar (which I think is a local term for an elder Muslim man), this place used to have very soothing old hindi songs playing in the background. Have some good memories at that place. This blog is dedicated to all those yummy 'noolappams' I have had from there.


Anonymous said...

can we start a club for reviewing movies..I will do Hindi, you can do Mallu, we'll get someone for English...can we, can we plzzz haa haa haa ;-))


Girl With Big Eyes said...

Well Nitai...I think the only thing we need to do is give the club a name.

Compile all the blog links together and voila! there's the club :P

LI said...

A Malayalam movie named as "BLACK" , what is happening in Malluland?;-)Malluwood murdering Malayalam (wails).And Rajadhani in Kozhikode dead (crys).i hope Bombay hotel in beach which used to serve those excellent Biriyanis and of Course Sagar is still functioning ;-).Nice Blog

Kraz Arkin said...

Mambazhakkalam sucks big time. I watched it first day first show. Lal ettan after all. Despite being a big fan of his, there's no way i can say one good thing about the movie. I would rather suggest Kathavasheshan.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

I am not sure of the Bombay hotel, but Sagar is still there as busy as usual, Anon.
Well I wont say that malayalam movies are getting murdered.....just that its in the mature stage of the lifecycle and need a heavy push to get going into the next cycle :) (I atleast learn to talk like this over here :P)

OOOpsie! was really looking forward to a good lalettan flick in the lines of Kilukkam, Naadodikkattu, pattanapravesam. Too bad these kinds of movies are not made anymore :(
and thanks for the warning Kraz. you saved my 4 hours time!

Vince said...

U posted an awesome review :) excellent description of what went on. Its a shame that you ended up with black instead of mambazhakkalam. pinne THARA is not firstclass :) 'thara' is second class.

This is the first time I am hearing about blogger, and I got this link from a different site. Looks like there are many who liked this review of yours. Hope you will post more of these funny little reviews of movies.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

you bet Vince!!!

more reviews coming up during the Dec Term break! yahooooooooooooooo