Sunday, November 14, 2004


3:30 am: Heavy knocking on my door. Think for 10 seconds whether to open the door or to let them bang it down. Decide on the former thinking that living without a door would be painful, even for a day. Get up groggily, open the door a crack and see Motu standing there along with Kanika with a very sick (the sickest smile I have seen till date) smile on his face. Still trying to figure whether this is a dream (Oh but I hardly dream. What if this is my first dream ever....Oh no...Motu is the one featuring in my first dream? :( ) Slowly I realize that there are more people standing around. Then I thought maybe something bad has happened. But then why is everyone smiling. They look as if they are poised to do something. Just waiting for the right moment. I dared to go out. And then it happend.

Splash. Splash. Splish Splash. HAPPY DIWALI

Bucketful and mugfuls of 3-am cold water were blissfully sending shivers through my body. One second I was happily sleeping quite snug in my warm bed.....and then I find myself completely drenched and shivering. If looks could kill, I am sure I would be in for a minimum double death sentence. Oh that way I could have had a small meeting and discussion with Kanchi Acharya and talked about different ways to do a smooth murder, especially without using a cell-phone :P

7:00 am: Switch off the alarm. Happy that I have two alarms. One to get up ON time and then sleep again. Another one to get up IN time. (I hope I got the usage right)

7:30 am: Snooze the second alarm and fall back into bed for that nice feeling of lying in bed watching the sun-shine and the Sweedish joggers.

8:30 am: Get up and check email. 2 mails to reply to. Get back to bed for more morning-sleep.

9:30 am: Have to get up. Can't go sleeping whole day on a Diwali. Moreover busy day ahead.

10:15 am: Get dressed up for Diwali. Try to get in touch with my feminine self by applying a little bit of kaajal and bindi and wearing slightly bigger earings and Salwar. And people do notice! Missed my long hair today. Yummy corn flakes and poha as usual for breakfast.

10:30 am: Me and Vishy start to work on our IT paper for horizons. We make plans of finishing it off within a few hours and part.

11:20 am: Me watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S :)

11:30 am: Realise that I haven't done much for the paper and try to google some stuff that I can download straight to the paper.

11:45 am: Get this great respondent(read Friend) who gives me some inputs for the IT paper and also participates in my CATCH salt survery. The only problem was that he hadn't heard about CATCH salt. But I managed. Anyways I learnt that it's strictly Mummy says when it comes to buying salt for a 25-ish Software chap living with parents. Hmmm.....

12:30 PM: C hostel decides that it wants to watch a movie and it wants to do it right now! The obvious choide - Yash Chopra blockbuster Veer's got ShahRukhKhan, Priety Zinta and Rani Mukherjee. What more could one ask for. It's funny how fast the priority list can tumble upside down. Just a little bit of kajoling and I am first in the line.

2:30 pm: 6 girls in a jeep.
No not a movie name. We 6 girls set out to Crown cinema in a jeep.The journey becomes very painful when we get to know that the movie has already started. What's the point of watching the movie if you miss the dramatic Shah Rukh Khan entry!

3:00 PM: How to find an empty seat in a pitch dark cinema hall. That book definitely wouldnt sell if I write it. Finally find a seat somehow and tap the person sitting next to me and ask "Who's this?" I was just scared that maybe one of the 'calicut male' population was sitting there and would mistake me for his partner. But turns out it was just my friend who definitely cannot partner me in writing the book.

4:30 PM: Interval. Calculating my oppurtunity cost of NOT sleeping the afternoon and taking an apparently WRONG decision of coming for this movie. Too much math...give up the calculation. Some things are better left un-calculated.

5:00 PM: Suddenly remember the 'incident' I had witnessed in another cinema hall in Calicut. Check to see whether anything like that is happening in my immediate vicity. Negative. So far so good. All I can hear is Neeta giggling and commenting on a very dramatic scene in the movie. I am not alone.

5:40 PM: Happy to be outside the cinema. Journey back to the hill we 'owned'. Strategic discussion with senior girls on eligibile guys (if any left) in their batch and our batch. We all agree on the scarcity of 6ft specimens.

6:30 PM: Diwali day at K. Time to lit up candles and Diyas. Mess looks completely different with the Diyas and disco light.

7:00 PM: Puja starts off with the pujari mentioning that the tanthras are highly confidential and can't be chanted aloud. We had to be contended with his lip movements. Gaurav not happy with this and swears to do it himself for next Diwali puja. Good. That would reduce the costs also.

7:30 PM: Sandipan with the Swedes. Ofcourse!

7:45 PM: Time for some quick photo sessions. My big eyes and 'bobbed hair' and 'not wearing a sari' are the current topics of discussion. I thought we should be chating some mantras or atleast pretend to do so. I tried pretending then gave it up after I found that it was more fun to watch people pretending.

8:00 PM: Enough of Puja....time for dinner. Best part juicy sweet and sour apples. My favourites. 3 apples get lucky to see my innards. So did the two puris and the peda. And the pan.

8:30 PM: Timepass outside the canteen. And more timepass. And ofcourse more pics. And ofcourse the latest gossip. And yes, Malini and I do our bit for 'keeping the country clean and green'.

9:00 PM: Housie kicks off. Me lucky enough to get a free ticket, but unlucky enough not to win a single prize. Who wants to win anyways! I belive that the most important part of the games is participation and not winning...... ..... .....atleast I would believe this until I win something.

9:30 PM: More timepass before Crackers.

9:45 PM: shhhhhhhhhh boom booom bang dong pffffffffffff sssssshhhhhh
fireworks start off. Ofcourse nothing but phooljadi-sparklers for me! can u think of fireworks without these? No!

Diwali crackers Posted by Hello

10:15 PM: Just holding phooljadi can get boring. Decide to watch whatever action there is rather than trying to contribute my delta. I've already done my bit.

10:30 PM: Three casualities. Devroop dhar injured badly.....who was asked to go back to college after shaking the dust off from his 'burned' part.
Abhineet....who had a thumb fracture from the sound waves or shock waves. Talk of the college now. Shock waves are little naughty suckers. Or maybe Abhineet, you should not go around throwing balls at good girl's behinds. See this is what happens.
Sandipan......Both hands badly injured while he was trying to detonoate the biggest bomb. With another bomb safely tucked inside his pocket, which is what he offerred as consultation fees to the doctor. Well Sandy, was this a ploy to impress the Swedes? I am sorry, but I don't think they noticed.

10:45 PM: Some more timepass...this time the longest and most boring of it all.

11:00 PM: Kaapi and Dumb-C time in the night canteen. Thank god for Qaynat, acting out Qayamat is so easy.

12:00 AM: Check mail before falling off to sleep. The paper writing carried over to the next day. Set both the alarm clocks.

01:00 AM: Someone has kidnapped me. My mouth is gagged. Wake up with a part of the pillow inside my mouth. Damn. How did this happen!

03:00 AM: Someone's banging on my door again. No way am I falling for it today.
Not everyday is Diwali.


Anonymous said...

Amazing post...enjoyed reading :-)


Girl With Big Eyes said...

Glad to know that.

Were you in that group of people who were playing all these pranks? I heard that this originated in the G and F hostels.

Anonymous said...

I was fast asleep by the time the revelry started in G. Somehow, the guys spared me. So, apart from the noises that somehow made me dream of a noisy Holi :-), the only other indication of the night's action was seeing the sweeper having a tough time sweeping away all the water in the morning :-))

Vince said...

I thik you should write a book :) Once again you posted an amazing one.