Saturday, November 20, 2004


na...its not another one of those very specialised and complex thingies like Astrocartography or's nothing but an 'unlovely' word coined by Nokia to describe photos taken using a mobile.

Camera phones...been just a year since they have been really popular. And given the fact that the young ones today have more than enough of dispensable income, almost every 20-something is sure to have one. Well, notice that I said 'almost'. Cause there is a different group of people in the same planet who think that a phone should be a phone should be a phone. And nothing more.

Thats why when I came across this interesting news, it sounded more than just interesting.

"If one definition of art is what hangs in a gallery, then a new artform has arrived: the camera phone photograph."

Nokia has invited artists and photographers - among others, Tracey Emin, Sir Peter Blake, Nan Goldin, David Bailey and Rankin - to test the camera phones.

The results will go on show at London's Association of Photographers Gallery next week.

Subjects vary from Emin fingering the lid of a beloved Royal Doulton teapot ("It looks like I'm touching a nipple: my nipple") to a portrait of actor Isabelle Huppert in Paris by Goldin. Bailey produced a self-portrait with skull, while the painter Jack Vettriano snapped a girl wearing stockings and suspenders under a scarlet Scots Guards jacket.

Well well...this may be a harbinger of another sophisticated art form. I am proud to be contributing towards the revolution.

Frankly, I had no such noble intentions when I set out to buy my sleek (ok some may call it dubba) Sony Ericsson. Nokia was ruled out plainly because the coffin shape doesn't really appeal to my asthetic sense. Moreover Sony Ericsson won hands down when compared with any other model....well except Motorola A70. But then that was a bit un-userfriendly with its stylus. So that's how I ended up with a Sony Ericsson.

So what's the use for a camera phone when I have a digital cam?

Plenty of them!

The day I went home after buying this phone was some sort of a 'technical exhibition' in my home. My mom, my dad, my granny .....everyone were gaga over it. So surprised to see that a phone could take a picture! (same AHA effect when I first told them that we could send a mail to our cousin in US and it would reach there in less than the time it takes my mom to say 'no way') My granny made me take a good number of pictures of her and was happy showing it off to all our visitors in the next few days!
My camera phone had arrived!

Another very convenient use I have found for camera phones are that they are very good instruments to break the ice between two stragers. People are always piqued by a latest model cell phone. And almost everyone loves to play around with the camera and see themselves in the tiny screen.

The pic of P&A in my cell, was a riot in the campus!

But then is all this worth the investment? I can hear all the stingy-sams questioning.

I would say YES it is!

Some of the most memorable pictures I have are the ones taken using the phone, impromptu.
My phone helped capture some of the 'glory' during my recent Kappad beach trip, where noone had carried a camera along.

It also doubles up as a memory saver. How many times have I taken a pic of a phone number or an address written on a scrap of paper oh-so-conveniently by just a couple of clicks! Perfect for people who cant be bothered to carry bits of paper with them to note down all these technicalities in life.

When my friend in Dubai, gave birth to a lovely daughter, I could see the darling just minutes after it landed in this world!

Another use is to be able to watch people without letting them know that they are being watched.
Me, pkt and sankalp were at the cinema to watch MunnabhaiMBBS and suddenly this very 'hot' girl and her boyfriend come along and stand right opposite to us at a distance. Both of them wanted to take a good 'look' at the girl but were a bit apprehensive because of the size of the boyfriend's biceps. Ta da!....the zoom function in my cameraphone was liberally used that evening.

Another thing is that people are not very shy to pose in front of cameraphones! Beats me why!
A testimony to this is the photos I have of Kanav and Reddy in varous stages of dressing up as 'Push-me-up Sen' and 'Munia'.

Have dozens of amazingly funny photos of my dear classmates snoozing happily in class, people caught in their very embarrassing moments, photo of a grasshopper doing pushups, photos of yellow teeth, utterly timepass pics taken during the munnar trip which would never have been taken using a normal camera, photos of my mom and dad and brother, photos of my friends doing funny faces, photo of a kannadiga woman helping herself to Go-muthram right from its source, photo of a very beatiful hand, nostalgic shots of hosur road taken while riding pillion on a bike on the way to office .....
But the best one todate is the pic of a tiny butterfly that I captured during one of my early morning walks in bangalore - a very beautiful green and yellow striped butterfuly all fresh and happy in its own world!

And more than anything it's 100% fun to have a cameraphone around. You know never know when you would want to take a photo!

Some interesting Dos and Donts given by Guardian's picture editor, Roger Tooth.

1. How to zoom?
Fill the viewing frame with your subject. If in doubt, go nearer

2. If you take a rude picture, don't send it to your parents by mistake

3. Don't breakdance and try to take pictures at the same time - this causes camera shake (THE BEST :P )


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K700i or K500?

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Gaurav said...

Agreed with phones have arrived....and SE wins hands down against others...
Amazin post on camera phones...
i also durin these hols to home got hold of SE K700i...
and capturin those images at those so perfect moment is the biggest advantage of such phones...