Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It happens only in KERALA

This is a photo that appeared in the KERALA page of THE HINDU today.
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The caption reads,
The law prohibits transportation of human beings on goods carriers. But it is often observed in the breach in many parts of the State. Two Kathakali artistes being taken on a mini-lorry through Thiruvalla town recently right under the nose of a policeman.

I could start another day with a huge grin on my face.

Yup. It even overruled the discovery I made today morning - someone has been breaching my privacy by rummaging among my stuff when I am not home. Whoever it is has to be pretty stupid, because he/she left plenty of clues behind. I know who you are you sneaky little nuisance!

Coming back to the picture. I wish that photo was in colour. Two Kathakali artistes on an auto-lorry hybrid right in the middle of 9AM traffic. :)
The journalist who saw this really got a feast for his eyes. But the person who wrote the caption really deserves a PJ award or something.

How the hell can someone relate something as practical as this to a law that tries to enforce minimum respect for human beings. He should have protested against all those low class worker men and women who are transported in a lorry be it rain or shine. I know the journalist meant well, but he dint make his point well.

It would be really difficult to fit those Kathakali artists inside a Ford escort what with their flaring skirts and those numerous dangling thingies! :P

The caption makes as sense as the arrest of Bazee.com CEO, Avnish Bajaj.

How can people be so DUH!?


Anonymous said...

hey, what was that thing about all those "low class" worker men and women ? Isn't "working class" more like it ? Calling anybody low doesn't sound too good.

Jam said...

Whoa hey, hold on to your guns. What she probably meant was "worker class" anyways. She probably used "low" unconsciously to highlight the really poor people.

Anonymous said...

Knights in shining armor? I thought they were an extinct species :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

wiseguy, is that you?


Anonymous said...

From wannabe you atleast ackw I am one.
Good - you catch on fast:)

കെവിന്‍ & സിജി said...

It happens only in KERALA

Actually it happens in Kerala rarely, when compared to where I am working now. Bahrain is considered to be more developed and rich than Kerala, but you can witness the transportation of numerous of the labourers to the worksites (mainly indians) in pick-up lorrys. An average of 25-30 people will be tightly packed in each such lorrys. It may be burning 40ºC hot or in strong chilling wind with 15-20ºC. 1000's are transported to and fro every day like this.

Anything can be done towards the betterment of our fellow people. Any suggestion.


Girl With Big Eyes said...

thats bad :(

can u talk to the indian embassy or something and tell about the rule in India about providing decent transportation to people in India.

Another option is get some infulential journalist print a photo and an article in a leading newspaper there and then one at India too so that everyone is aware of the exploitation.

Or maybe educate the people there and let them know about their rights and ask them to protest TOGETHER to get decent transportation.

would something like this work?

Dalton Depedro said...

Very nice. Keep up the good work.