Friday, December 24, 2004

My wishes

My Xmas-New year wishes for some special people (in random order)

- For a very creative friend who is off to the Himalayas. Wish you a very safe journey and don’t decide to be a hermit and meditate in the Himalayas forever. What would CISCO do without you, Raj?

- For the new baby, here’s a wishing a great life ahead. A wish for you to grow up and be a smart woman.

- A wish for my parents for a healthy year ahead and peace and happiness.

- A wish for my brother – u can redeem this wish for whatever you want.

- A wish for Vishy to put on a little weight next year and have a good start for AbaKus

- A wish for VV to look as smashing as ever in the next year too and good luck with Abakus

- A wish for Rahulu for finding someone soon who can sing ‘nuvvu nuvvu’ for him and know its meaning too

- for that someone to let him somehow smuggle himself in his friend’s suitcase and come back to India ASAP. I miss you buddy.

- A wish for COSMO BOOKS employees in TCR to get a big fat raise :)

- Ditto for WIPRO

- A wish for all the children of Vimala Home to be happy

- A small prayer to God to make reddy get a haircut as soon as possible

- Another small prayer to God to make the Noida summer bearable for a small kid who is gonna be daring her life there this summer

- A wish for Siji for a healthy and more importantly painless baby

- A wish for Nisha to grow up soon and start behaving like a mom :)

- A wish for all my cousins studying in BSchools- Sowmya, Achu, Kavi - to get fabulous placements.

- A wish for my cousin Kichu to make the treatment from Nashik to start working

- A wish for Deepak to get his CA soon

- A wish for Shankar to become a BIG

- A wish for a good monsoon next year and a good GDP growth for India.

- A wish for Anand to realise his dream and get into an IIT

- A wish for my Rakhi brother Aravind to make it big as a Fashion designer

- A wish for Sukumama for a healthy and happy year ahead

- A wish for all the good Profs at K to not to leave K.

- A wish for Media Cell to get some rocking coverage for K next year

- A secret wish

- A wish for all my friends at K – for a rocking term ahead and no classes at 8AM.

- A wish for all the people reading this - give them diarrhoea for a day :)
Just kidding. A wish to make their dreams come true.
(but I liked the first wish better. God, it's your choice :P)

- Finally a wish for myself – please make all the wishes above come true.


Jam said...

Hey there GWBE,
Here s wishing that all of your wishes come true this lovely Christmas Eve!!! Merry Christmas

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks Jam.

ATB for minimal damage for your endterms ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks GWBE…
Finally, a small prayer to god for fix the RAM defect.

Anonymous said...

saw this post pretty late, thanx :) i can think of atleast a couple of wishes for u straightaway..they shall be conveyed at the next rendezvous - maverick

Anonymous said...

PTS, why that one "COSMO BOOKS"?
I suppose, i am not allowed to ask questions abt wishes eh?

nyways, me not telling who i am..
mbbe...P.C.Thomas-Kinetic Honda, Thrissur Public Library, REC would help u..

good to come across your blog (albiet by mistake)and get to know that u are doing good..cant quite fathom why u wud wanna have that abominable hair style though..

pri said... shweeet!!