Sunday, January 16, 2005


IIMK held its kadinjool (read first) finance management seminar Arthanomics 2005 last weekend. It was one of the best orgnaised seminars ever at IIMK. Hats off to Yash and Raul for setting such high standards. One encouraging factor about this seminar was the very good participation from the Director and the faculty. Dr. Broca was unsurpassable in terms of enthusiasm. Missed his classes for a moment when he was on the dais.

The seminar had some good speakers and some okie ones and some who spoke and spoke and spoke :)

Dr. R.H. Patil, CCIL, the main attraction of the seminar was unstoppable. Literally. Have to agree the guy was very pleasant wore very innocent smile throughout the presentation. But he went on and on and on and after a point in time, I even got tired of taking pictures of the chairs and the heads of the people in front of me.

Mr. C. Jayaram, Exec Director of Kotak Mahindra Bank, was one of the good speakers of the event. His simple topics and flowing presentation skills made the talk really enjoyable. He talked about various asset allocation strategies, commodity markets and structured products. But then kept on saying ‘sort-of’ in almost all his sentences. I had to really control myself not to count how many times he was saying that. Childhood habits.

Mr. Rajeev Panikath, VP-IT, UTI bank, talked about risks banks face due to IT related failures. It could have been made more interesting. The only thing I remember about this session was his usage of 24x7x365 in a very ‘country’ way which was very entertaining.

Prof Samir Barua, IIMA, spoke at length about measurement and management of portfolio risks. It was a typical classroom session heavy with lots of technicalities.

Mr. Suyash Chaudhary, StanC, the youngest speaker at the seminar, was a pleasure to watch and listen to. :)

Mr. Sundar Viswanathan, CFO, CSC delivered the crispiest presentation. It was mainly about risk in an organisation from a CFO’s perspective. Was interesting. He would also be remembered for being the most amicable speaker who was always ready to handshake with anyone who would come in his way :)

Ms. Lalitha Ravindran, Insurance Specialist, Kanbay - the only lady on the speaker list - gave a very good presentation on Insurance. Maybe I was able to appreciate it because of the small insurance project I worked in at Wipro. An interesting point in her presentation was the snippet that 'Insurance Frauds' was included as one of the Fortune 500!

Mr. Arun Mittal, Head Treasury operations, Citibank India, Dr. DVS Sastry, Director General of R&D, IRDA and Mr. Pramod Vaidya Head-Risk Management, IDBI Bank were some of the other speakers.

The outcome of the two day seminar for me?

2 interesting presentations, an interesting idea for writing a paper, sore feet from wearing not-so-comfortable formal shoes, insights about how NOT to make a presentation, loads of creative pics in my cell, some good fun time with VV, an impromptu piece of article written by a good friend of mine, writing the longest press release ever and a very tired me with a very sore bum.

I’d scream if I even see a plastic chair now.

Congrats once again to Team Arthanomics. Great work.

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