Monday, January 03, 2005

Back at K – Vesham musings

Feel palliated after landing back at K after what seemed like the longest term break. And the sore throat I got from Bangalore dint help too.

The day before the term starts is always spent in a relaxed manner in anticipation of the storm about to begin. If the storm is anything like term 2 I am not complaining :)
Term 2 was a very light one with comparatively less work load and some of it really interesting.

Since there was nothing better to do tonight, decided to go for a mallu movie. As luck would have it, the one I wanted to go for was sold out. So had to end up compromising for another Mammootty flick called Vesham, again in thara, surrounded by typical kozhikhode nadan (gay?) gangs.

Even this movie turned out to be a disappointer. It took a little more than average effort to sit through that movie. Now I know why the admin people at the cinema had locked the gates during the interval. They dint want people to leave the cinema midway. Nice trick. If you have wet your tiny toe, you have to drown. No choice.

But then this moive was far better than the Mohanlal flick I saw during the term break. Its called Mampazhakallam. The name and the promotions of the movie suggest as if it is one of the best mallu movies. Reality is something very different. The only part of the movie that I enjoyed was the popcorn. The movie doesn’t even deserved to be written about.

But then the movie Vesham was a learning experience.

Noticed a peculiar thing. The first thing that a typical male does when he enters the movie hall is not to check whether he has a good seat. He is more interested in taking off his shirt. Yeah, he takes off his shirt! More daring ones take off their lungis too. Then they sit happily with their other gay…....oh sorry…..guy friends and enjoy the movie, waiting for the stylan mammookka entrance. I thought I had seen it all when I saw women in night dresses inside a temple in Cherussery – my mom’s place. But this one beat that. Its only when someone came and sat next us that we came to know the reason for this strange ritual. The guy stinked royally. And sweated profusely. His reason – the work he put in getting a ticket in the mad rush. He was surprised that we werent joining in the sweat-mela! It happens only in Kozhikode. :)

Vesham had nothing new to offer. So-many-times-told-and-seen-story. Two brother family - one brother has an MBA from abroad - other brother is not even SSLC but is the hero of the place – MBA brother tries to run things with his textbook knowledge and messes things up – family breaks up – other brother emerges as the hero. Throw in a couple of songs to excite the audience and voila! the movie is ready.

The storyline of the movie got me thinking. So many mallu movies stereotype MBA holders as bad guys or as people so much out of touch with reality or as people who don’t have a human side. Why? And is it true to whatever little extent? Am I unknowingly becoming a person like that?

Had heard that MBA is not about learning marketing or finance, it’s a mindset you get after two years.
Does this mindset include the mad rush towards profits, the seemingly less priority given to emotions of fellow human beings, only thinking in terms of big and forgetting the small-but-very-important things in life and the like?

Well the course here at K seem to suggest otherwise. Though everything boils down to money, social and moral awareness is also given importance through some subjects.

Rather than generalising it on the MBA stream, most of it would depend on the person too. There are some who would die for a job in a I-bank somewhere far far away from their home land where they can earn in any currency but Rupee. But recent trends show that there are a lot of IIM grads who opt for NGOs and the like and throw away well paying MNC jobs.

So does it mean that the movies are painting a very wrong or an extreme picture? Is it just a ploy to add drama to the story? Or is it really a psychological trick played in the story to make the layman feel good about himself vis a vis an MBA?

Or is that really the reality today?


Anonymous said...

well, i think the 'the MBA is the bad guy' is very Kerala-specific.. part of the anti-corporate Red mentality our state has always had. but piri, i missed seeing you in blore! we could have partied and done some minor-celebrity spottings..

Girl With Big Eyes said...

hmmm maybe you are right. But I think there are a couple of Hindi movies too which stereotyped such characters.

I missed you too in blore. Its a long story. Check your mail.

Have a great day in the glass building :)

Anonymous said...

Hi from a fellaw malayali blogger :-)

How is IIM-K treating you?

HNY wishes btw.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hello there.

Going by the second line, is this Jose from bangalore?

Do leave your blog url next time.


Anonymous said...

If you watch WallStreet or the movie on Rudy Guiliani, you will realise that MBA's (especially from the Ivys) are despised universally. I guess thats a price for all the success and fame MBA's have (all of us love to cheer the underdogs,isnt it?)