Monday, January 17, 2005

I am NOT 25. I am just 18 with 7 years of experience :)

Today I finish 25 revolutions around the sun. Nope. Am not dizzy yet : )

Birthdays on campus (IIMK) are celebrated in a special routine. First theres the mail from messcom which announces about the midnight birthday bash. Then theres the informal threats people keep giving the birthday person about how he/she is gonna be slaughtered. Then theres the slaughtering at midnight and then the cake smearing.

I went through all this too. Only difference was that my bday party was sort of embedded in the BIG campus party. All the girls from my batch turned up 2 minutes late for the party, so I was ‘slaughtered’ by senior girls and some of my batchmates. Got some kicks too. It was fun.

Bops tried to liven up things a la Schumi style by opening a bottle and letting it fizz all over me. Well, I showed him a Beckam style kick ;) It was purely impulsive. Hope it dint hurt much.

My birthdays have been going great the last four years.

2001 - Last bday at NIT – surprise party thrown by Andeprin, that too in my own room.

2002 – Bday at home. No celebrations. But sweet with the great job I had got at VAST and being paid the highest among my peers there. Well, studying in NIT did pay off.

2003 – First bday in blore. Attended a charity party at Opium -conducted by Dream a Dream - courtesy Vineet, my then boss, and his wife Mansi. My first discotheque experience. Double date with the Nigams. 5 hours non stop dancing with my team. Forego dinner for dancing. Share a drink with Vineet. Got drunk. Vineet, you are yet to get me the champagne you had promised. Surprise bday party at home thanks to Pragya and PKT. Lots of gifts. One more bday party in office courtesy Vineet and my teammates. A quiet evening spent with near and dear ones. Great day!

2004 – 2nd bday in blore. Get two surprise tickets for back to back movies in Innovative multiplex. Watch Plan and Chameli. Turn 24 sometime during Chameli :)
No cake. No parties. No dancing. A peaceful fun bday.

2005 – Bday at IIMK. If someone had told me on my last bday that next year I would be celebrating my silver jubilee at an IIM, I’d have laughed it off. You never know where life is gonna take you.

Thank you to everyone who turned up for the party, celebrated my birthday with me, have been kind enough to kick me, took a lot of pain and lots of strategy to get me a gift or to get the gift reach my room :), who offered a small prayer and wishes for me…………..all of you.

Without you, my birthday would have been just another day.


nithin said...

hi priya..

belated "happy birthday"...where was i when u gave sweets at VAST for your B'day.????????

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Doesnt matter.

I dint distribute sweets in VAST for my bday. The last I did that was in school :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

and thanks for the wishes buddy :)

Struggling in the winter there? Heard its pretty bad this year.

nithin said...

yeah it is...snow falls..well iam enjoying.. :))))

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday Dear !!

Since last month I am reading ur blog and its really nice to read u..

All the very best on your birthday !!

Bbye n Have nice time !!

Jam said...

Hey there GWBE
Couldn't read ur blog for the past few days b coz of heavy duty workload. Newayz, HAPPY BELATED B DAY and keep blogging away to glory. Hopefully ur B Day brought all those things that you have learnt to cherish and enjoy the most in life.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thank you Jam and anon.

With so many wishes I think I'll have a capital year :)

Anonymous said...

hey GWBE,
i am a pgp1 at iim (hel)L. came across ur blog a coupla days back and it makes good reading. esp since i can relate to the stuff at a b-school. keep up the good work...

Sentimental Fool said...

Happy Birthday Maam!!! (Belated ofcourse)
Ofcourse I am late but then as they say," Better late than never"
Nice Blog here... By the way, try reading "Agony and the Ecstacy". Me think u will love it. :-)

Rajat said...

Oh my gog - u r a quarter of a century old - think u now classify as part of history!...Many many happy returns of the day [albeit belated]...

and i really liked the line abt being 18 with 7 years of exp :-D

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Anon from iim(hel)L, Senti fool, Rajat
Hajaar thanks for wishes :)

Senti fool,
The Agony and the Ecstasy, Michelangelo's biographical novel?
Wondering why you think that I would like it. Would give it a shot if I come across it.