Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Imagine ...............

.......you are walking down the road talking to your friend on the phone. Suddenly someone walks by you and you get a strange feeling. You feel that you have some connection with that person. You have never seen that person before but you are sure that you have talked to that person, touched him/her…....…some vague but sure memory-pictures flashes in your mind…..but how can that be,..... the person is a complete stranger to you………………….the dull ache of deja vu haunts you……

You loved the book One by Richard Bach.

You are curious/excited/absolutely crazy about the concept of parallel universes.

You keep thinking what if you had done something different at a crucial point in your life?

You are just plain bored and are sick of romantic/slapstick comedy/drama movies.

If you said yes to any of these, then The Butterfly Effect is for you.

The movie - based on Chaos theory, the butterfly effect (a butterfly flapping it's wings in one area of the world, resulting in a tornado in a remote area of the world) and parallel universes - is a good adrenaline trip.

Don’t miss it.


Anonymous said...

TBE would have been good if not for AK.

Wondering..... In case fate and destiny, alternate reality and parallel universes explained non-scientifically capture your fancy, the movie you should be seeing is Sliding Doors.

I thought nobody read Bach except himself. Looks I was mistaken.

Girl With Big Eyes said...


Would surely check out SD.

Dont think AK affected the movie. For some movies it doesnt matter who the actor is, the message/plot is powerful enough. Or at least its that way for me.

And yeah, you are very much wrong about Bach.

Have a good day.


Krish said...

Hi, Here thru MBAleague...Butterfly effect is pretty decent, only thing being after a while u loss count of which probability you are in...confuses a little...BTW u have a nice blog...interesting reads...keep it up.

~ Krish

neeta said...

Saw the movie last night. Liked it... very interesting, similar in concept to Frequency. For me too, AD spoilt it a little.
But its quite amazing, for how often do we find ourselves thinking how things might have been if we had chosen an alternative that we didn't, and how everything would have been totally different.

neeta said...

Oops! AK I meant. And oh, I happen to be one of the non-existent Bach fans. But it could be as much for my love n fascination for Flying as for anything else.

newt! said...

Well, I have my reservations about Bach. But if you liked The Butterfly Effect, you should check out the movies Cube and Hypercube. They are existentialist movies on an entirely different plane. Its better to download them since you won't find them in DVD, but its worth it. Highly cool.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Welcome Krish, drawf.

Neeta, lets have a Back fans reunions some day here at K :)

Now I gotta check out Frequency, Cube and Hypercube....hey I remember reading buying a book about Hypercube for my brother ages back!

Gosh, wish I dint have to worry about all these projects and assignments which seem to be mushrooming day by day :(