Sunday, January 09, 2005

Trip to Tusharagiri

Year 2005 is going great. Term 3 seems to be all set to give Term 2 a competition in terms of fun.

Yesterday was one hectic day. Started off for Tusharagiri early in the morning. The road to the trek was dotted with rubber plantations and the ubiquitous toddy shops. Tusharagiri is a beautiful trekking trail in Wayanad dotted with small streams and waterfalls. Tusharigiri – the term literally means spring-capped peaks. Though the water level was low, the forest was green and beautiful after the good monsoon this year.
Postcard from Tusharagiri.jpg
Numerous clean cold springs, a million tadpoles, a few croaking toads calling out for their mates, picturesque green mountains, wild flowers and wilder wiggly worms, unadulterated fun, rocky trek, HUGE trees with roots reaching out everywhere, peaceful short nap on a very comfortable rock with brown leaves strewn all over the place and badly hurt feet are some things I won't forget about the trip. Some photos of the trip are here.

Unlike Athirampilly, which is a place my family used to take all relatives for a picnic at some time or other, Tusharagiri seems to be preserving its virginity well – in the sense that it's relatively free from exploitation by men. There were strict rules about littering in the place and we too couldn’t find any plastic waste lying around anywhere. Whereas the situation in Athirampilly is exactly the opposite. Maybe its because Athirampilly is more popular and more accessible than Tusharagiri.

The trip made me realise how unhealthy I was. My feet were killing me. And I was the bottleneck during the trek. I had to sit down and get my breath back every 10 steps or so. Reminds of the trek in Nashik when I had fainted and almost got a heartburn :( My body seems to be growing old……stupid thing….why can't it stay in sync with my mind?

It seems, to get to the tree houses in Vythiri, one would have to trek for one whole day. With my stupid body, I don’t think I’ll ever get to one of them anytime soon. So much for a dream. :|

It felt strange that we were taking the pains to travel 50Km and trek for 3-4 hours just to see some small springs, whereas some other people in the same country live in awe of water and the next tsunami. Not able to get it out of my mind.

The day ended with a nice Kerala dinner at SM Street and a Tam movie Mahanadikan. With literally most of the theatres in calicut running porn movies this was a decision with no choices. The fact that balcony was almost empty and the first class stall was kind of full shows the kind of audience the movie was targeting. The movie turned out to be a typical taporie, out-to-purely-entertain kind of a spoof. Which other movie would you find babes dressed like they are out of a Hollywood flick and happily doing a Dabbankoothu :) and an almost 60 year old Sathyaraj giving them good competition at it!

The movie ended in a good note with Sathyaraj making a decision that doctors and engineers and MBA grads were better at running the country than a bunch of 80 year olds who think of nothing but how to increase their own bank balances. At last, one movie that shows MBA grads in a good light :) I am not complaining.


Anonymous said...

Tusharagiri = Dew Capped Peaks. Not 'Spring' capped.

Vishnu said...

Hey,is it worth a place to trekk all the way from bangalore?????

Girl With Big Eyes said...


Tushar means snow. But from what I saw there I am happy with it being 'spring-capped' rather than snow-capped.


I think wayanad is a place worth being in, wherever you are. But I'd say come during September-October, when there is more water.

Anonymous said...


Tusharam is not SNOW. Its dew. I hope u can understand the difference. They have named the place correctly.
The place always has water drops densed in the mornings
(DEW) and hence the name.
what say GWBE?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

well whatever.

Whats in a name?

Anonymous said...

well, thats the kind of the answer one gives when u r wrong!

mine was jus a suggestion, and u insisted on 'spring-capped'. so thot of correcting u.
but as far as the article is concerned or me and u are concerned, u may even name it flame-capped peaks.
nobody bothers!!! :)

Jam said...

Hey there, checked out the pix, looks like you had quite some fun back there trekking at Tusharagiri, Dew, Spring or otherwise.


Anonymous said...

we had a trip to 'Dew-capped peaks' [well I'd like to call it this way]. Swaroop's blog about the trekking
Also see the phostos.


Anonymous said...

are you aware of any 2 day treks in and around this place . If yes , can I have some details about the route .