Friday, January 07, 2005

Tsunami relief

Tsunami Relief Agencies Posted by Hello

Disaster management will be another disaster if not managed properly. The need is so huge that it is a HUGE task to manage the relief work.

Cheers to all those who pitched in whatever they can to help the affected people. Be it Foreign aid(which India was a little late to welcome), UN, The World bank, Corporates, people like Rahul Bose, bloggers and camera phones - without which thousands of people would not have been to find their near and dear ones and other citizens who rose in time of need and who helped or prayed for the unfortunate......

Even at such times it is disheartening to see the opportunity scouting vultures posing as Tsunami victims on the internet and trying to get easy money. Same for the group of people you can see all over Kerala roaming around with a bucket supposedly to collect aid for tsunami victims....but the expression on their faces somehow seem to reflect the happiness over the thoughts of one more great night at the local bar.

Chaos in the middle of chaos.


Anonymous said...

You are right. I too heard couple Tsunami fund collections misused instance.
“Look before you Leap”.

M a D a N said...

Yes, Some spineless organisation dumped gunny bags of pepper as relief material with a clean tax savings. Swades! did any one say India has changed??

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Gosh! Thats bad.

But they must have meant well. Must have been a mix up in the bags.