Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Academic Tourism at IIMK

Aerial view of IIMK

Main entrance

Library block

IIMK Library

Watch Tower


Hostel blocks

Faculty residences




Thinking Point

My hostel overlooking the valley

Early morning view from hostel


Very early morning view

A monsoon morning view from my hostel room

Rain drenched main entrance

And that's K folks!

More pictures here.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it a beautiful campus? Have you people shifted over there?


Girl With Big Eyes said...

Of course!

We are enjoying every moment.


john said...

wow...campus looks beautiful. now am missin home!!!

Dilip said...

Hey Priya,
Are NITC ians allowed to see the IIMK campus ?. Most of the buildings look like the NITC Administrative Block !

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hey Dilip,

You are welcome to drop in and take a look. Best time would have during Backwaters that happened a couple of weeks back.


Rajat said...

WOW!...simply amazing..

Lost in trance... said...

Whoa! A room with a view indeed !!
Do I still have it in me to get thru CAT?

Arun said...

could be easily mistaken for some foreign univ campus;-)anyways,nice shots..cant wait to come to iimk...to see the campus of course:-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

You are welcome anytime Arun.

L . Hyena said...

Wow, didnt know that IIM-K has such a great campus...AWESOME!!!

Nike said...

this place is absolutely beeutifull!!how do you get any work done there?

Anonymous said...

wow all of those pics are absolutely fascinating. my favorite pic though is the monsoon morning view from your hostel room. hope i could come and visit your campus sometime.

arun said...

Really a Feast to Eyes :)
Thank you very much Priya

arun from trivandrum

Ram said...

Wow ... awesome pics !!! Wud be really tough concentrating on studies in a place like that.


Spew said...

Hi. This is Spew from ISB.

You have a really nicely done up campus, and terrific scenery to go with it ( or should that be the other way round?) Good job with the pics too :-)

Visit us here at the ISB some time.




Slim Shady said...

Cool pics
Nice place to live na

Ramana said...

Going through networks of blogs.. somehow ended at your blog.. really your are blessed to be a part of such a campus..Me..also a MBA'te from a remote MBA college in Andhra Pradesh.. who always thought of doing my MBA in a campus like yours..well.. sometimes.. somethings.. won't work...looks like a BIG MOVIE STORY... ha..ha.. well.. seriously your campus is awesome.. extraordinary.. ..
I do this habit of making friends .Well iam working as a business development executive in A software firm..
Free.. with .. time .. go to my blog http://ramsonnett.blogspot.com..i just started writing blogs.. post your comment.. thank you.. bye..

rocksea | റോക്സി said...

never thought IIMK is so beautiful! it happens in Kerala! I am happy. design, structure & surroundings seems to be environment friendly. njoi the time there!

thoughts!! said...

IIMK looks awesome!

D Dinakar Reddy said...


Good location. Something so conjusive for studies. I really envy you for the location. At the same point in time, with such great facilities and Faculty(am not sure of quality of studies there), i expect you to reach very great heights in your career soon.

All the Best.


Anonymous said...


Fortunately i was involved in this project during it's construction right from the day the first brick was laid as a Planning Manager..it was a jungle and now..it feels proud to see it turn out that good !

We as a Construction Team from M/s JMC Projects (I) Ltd. had a tough time. Espacially the Seminar hall, Library block and the Faculty block. These were the most difficult tasks not to mention the artificial lake that was created down the hill.
I have myself handled the Seminar hall way back in 2000
Ameet Hede

The Guy Next Door said...

Cant spot any women in the last pic - Whats the point of spending 2 years in the prime of your life without any hope of a woman,and that too in such a far-flung place like this : (

Kidding - Nice blog you have here !!

Anonymous said...

puthumanninte manavum,thoratha mazhayum,chikkos le pttum kozhiyam,ente kozhikode,ninee njan engnee marakkum

Lambuchops said...

WOW.. Truly inspirational GWBE's.. gr8 pictures.

drprasanth said...

well i know the place kunnamangalam did u visit thusharagiri waterfalls? kakayam? and many other laces r nearby prasanth_x@yahoo.co.uk

Vipin A. K. said...

Excellent photos!

Anonymous said...

Nice Campus.iam also from calicut. but i didnt c it yet .Thanks for sharing the photosssss. God bless u


shekhar said...

Great campus..and very beautiful pics as well...U r really lucky to have gotten through to such wonderful campus..Enjoy!! Best of luck!

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