Monday, February 14, 2005

Carly's lesson

Feb 7 saw Carleton S. Fiorina, one of the highest ranking and glamorous women in the corporate world, being fired from HP.

Reason for this move? HP's stock price fell 32% during her tenure.

Following the Feb 9 announcement of her departure, investors bid up HP stock by 7%, to $21.53.

At HP, an e-mail began making the rounds: "Dingdong, the witch is dead."

Tsk tsk

BW tries to answer how much her gender contributed to her failure?
And according to them the major factor for her failure was the lack of operating experience.

“But the biggest problem may be that most women are never really groomed to run a major corporation -- often rising through the ranks of marketing, human resources, or other staff jobs associated more with female employees than males. The women often don't get broad profit-and-loss experience that exposes them to different functions in the company.”

Just when I was thinking how to choose my electives. This may not directly relate to it, but then at least now I have some logic.

I don’t want to get ousted from the NGO I am gonna be the CEO of some day.


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