Sunday, February 27, 2005

Mahe beckoned

Been to Mahe last weekend. It was not planned for...but the whole universe conspired in me being there last Saturday. :)

After a search for houseboats and temples with muralled-caves in calicut, we realised that they existed only in the zillion websites that boasted of them and had long become part of history.

Thats how Mahe happened. Beach at 2PM? I would have never done it on any other occasion. But the experience was very well worth it. I had seen drive-in beaches only in Bollywood/Tollywood songs picturised in some exotic location, but this time I got to experience it.

The drive-in beach experience

Jonathan Livingston Seagull in Mahe?

Mahe rocks and so does my accidental tan :)

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Lost in trance... said...

Drive-in beach in Mahe? U gotta b kidding me maan. Make a trip to Muzhappilangad, on the TLY-KNR route. I guarantee u wont regret it. :O)