Friday, February 25, 2005


Got some time to breathe now.

Last few weeks have been choc-a-bloc with work and play. There were all these assignments and report work that needed to be done, the C-hostel farewell party, farewell party in Taj, the vist to KSEB and the chat with the Trade union leader and a karmayoga proponent, Ragam at NITC - I go as a distinguished alumni and a judge for MovieSpoofs, the fashion show fiasco at NITC and a lot more.

Walking around in NITC was a very nostalgic experience. Though I was never attached to the place during the four years it putted up with me, walking along the Compsci dept, the placement block, the mech workshop, atuditorium, electrical workshops brought back a flood of memories. Missed AnDePRin.
NITC seems to be on an accelerated growth path. 2 new buildings have come since I have last been there and I could see the construction work going on for 2 more buildings. Advantages of changing from REC to NIT - the funds from World Bank dont really hurt :)

Junior batch seems to be very enthued about everything, they managed to collect an indecent amount of dough for Ragam 2005 and they did a good try of making the festival a success. Especially the media desk initiative and the coverage part. But still a long way to go.

Some free time on hands now. Wish there was something like this in Calicut. Would have been good timepass and I would have loved doing it.

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Good to hear form u again -:)