Sunday, February 06, 2005

Some good some not so good

Just got back from the SSG fete. SSG is the Social services group - student driven initiative - of IIMK. Felt good to see so many people participating in it wholeheartedly. Its something like a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. The people who played the games and won or made a complete fool of themselves (like me) had a great time....and so would those unfortunate people to whom the proceeds of this event would go to.

Another recent successful student initiative at IIMK was Backwaters 2005, our annual management festival. Great participation from other B-schools. our campus was full of people and energy......and more girls on the campus for a change. The event was handled in a very professional way. Since I was tied up in a marketing game, which for some reason was deisgned not to let the participants take part in any other event, I ended up missing most of the fun. But finally at the end of the day, all that was left was Jadoo, the product that we were trying to market and the priceless fun we had going about it.

The event concluded with a performance on Mohan Veena by Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, who is a Grammy award winner. Except for one piece of music that he performed, the rest of the concert was just normal stuff. But that one piece was amazing.

Another highlight of the event was the play that was put up by the first years. It was almost like a professional play. Class act. All of you who spent so much time and effort to make it a big success - take a bow. You too..... Ms. Q, the producer.

Backwaters was grand.

It hasn't been all fun here at K. The last week saw all of us scampering around to round up our group mates and finish off assignments and projects and attend full day classes and give surprise quizzes. If u can find anyone in our batch who has had a peaceful sleep in the last one week, chances are very high that he/she is a free-rider. not talking about an insurance rider that comes free :D
A free-rider is a free-rider is a free-rider is a *&^$@$%.

Is all the goodness and peace on a vacation? Desperately looking for them over here.


Anonymous said...

GOSH, He's changed now to the Mohan Sitar !! How could he - considering he was so good at the Mohan Veena..Confounds me :O

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Mohan Veena it is! :D

Anonymous said...

To Anon,
To err is human, to point it out bluntly is.... :-)
As long as it wasn't mohan vaidya, people need not have any probs ;-)

To G-W-B-E,
As far as lean management goes, if you have friends in other Business schools, if they are honest they will confess that its the same everywhere. Whether you believe it or not, any Business school which isn't run strictly on a profit-loss basis defies the reason of its very existence. After all they need to practice what they preach, or rather, teach.

Anonymous said...

Knight-In-Shining-Armor, she did not mind so CHILL.
Can we get back to work ? We have a prez @ 2 and I can see from my seat that you are not working on it !


newt! said...

No, other IIMs DON'T outsource their office staff. Mine didn't, anyway. Exploiting people with ridiculously low pay with the excuse that "organizations need to make a profit" is still exploitation.

But students can impact an institute's policies, by making themselves heard. And so can alumni- if alumni curb funding, institutes change themselves very fast indeed.