Monday, March 28, 2005

Been watching a lot of movies to kill time…

Mackenas gold
Legally blonde
My Fair lady
Gone with the wind
Thommanum Makkalum

Thommanum Makkalum

Now that is one mallu movie that made me laugh in a long long time. A mallu movie which I am happy I watched. The only reason I went for this movie was the enthu of going out with my cousins – who I get to see only a couple of times a year – and my mom. But then for a change, this mallu movie I enjoyed more than the bhajji during the interval.

Fantastic performance by Rajan P Dev and Lal and worth-mentioning comedy by Salim kumar and Mammootty. Whoever said PJs are out of mollywood? This movie proves them wrong. But then maybe mallu janta has forgotten how to enjoy silly jokes….cause at times during the movie I was the lone person giggling away in the cinema hall. :?

Though the movie dint have a very good storyline or anything new to offer it really did break the spell of mallu-movies-i-regretted-spending-time-watching.

Next in line to watch before I leave for my summer training
- Udayananu tharan
- Achuvinte amma
- Perumazhakkalam
- Kathavaseshan

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Anonymous said...

These days it happens that we dont grow up we grow apart. It is not uncommon , Feeling bad about it is OK. I have times at home when i feel like the vacation is getting too long but then we need to learn. So Anonymus is sinin off :)