Friday, March 25, 2005

Ciao 3rd term at K!

How did it all end so fast?

Term 3 at IIMK has been the swiftest term ever….the one by end of which all of us were crying for some free time to sleep or just to be back to our zombie lives. Though our summers were over in 2nd term itself and placements-fever was for our seniors, 3rd term had its toll on us too. Record number of projects and cases finished in this term. And some of them very memorable too…like the report on Pesticides and Food, which according to the prof deserved to be published for the benefit of the rest of the world, the case study on Trade unions and K.S.E.B, the marketing research study on detergents and of course the 20 page handwritten Indian Economy end term that cost me two full nights’ sleep to complete!

More than the academic related stuff this term had been packed otherwise too…Arthanomics and Backwaters right at the beginning of the term….also Media cell was at its peak this term what with Junior MC taking over the reins and of course IIMK was in almost all the papers once the placement report was released.

This term also had lots of parties being celebrated….hostel wise parties….farewell parties….placement parties….parties for no particular reason. Then there was the biggest time guzzler – the big fight over electives allocation! And finally thanks to new big classrooms it ended up being a lot ado over nothing.

Seems like we’ve had a zillion batch meetings this term….SCON re-elections…all other committees re-elections, blog policy meetings, elective process announcements, hostel room allocation… wonder we dint have much fun to laze around in this term.

And then came the end term which had all searching for iodex after some of the papers….and the marathon presentations and submissions on the last day!

Mr. Kiran Karnik stole the show during convocation 2005. The last day of the first year at K was made very memorable by the inspiring convocation address.

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