Thursday, March 17, 2005

IIMK Placements 2005


The highlight of Placements 2005 was the debut of foreign recruiter Capital One, putting IIMK firmly on the international recruiter map. The US financial services giant made an offer of $85,000 (Rs.37 lakhs) to Gaurav Agarwal, who will be joining the firm in the USA, as a Senior Business Analyst in October.

The highest Indian salary came from the consulting sector – an offer of Rs. 10.15 lakhs from Deloitte Consulting.

The average Indian salary was Rs. 7.3 lakhs, (a 15% increase over last year) and with 194 job offers for 120 students, students had an excellent choice of top jobs across sectors, with a number of companies having to go empty-handed as there were no available students.

The largest recruiter at Placements 2005 was IBM, which made 17 offers for roles in business consulting, SAP consulting, sales and marketing and human resources.

Its celebration time at K.

Read the official report here.

And read the article that came on Hindu National edition here.



yesbob said...

congrats, gwbe, the world awaits

The troublemaker said...

Hats off to all IIMkians, especially my seniors!!

Dilip said...

Hi Priya,

I just read the IIMA placements from this Blog. Where did all the NITC (REC) ians got ?.

Nice to hear about the nice HR Practices in Wipro from your previous post.